Sunday, March 26, 2006

blessing of the month

I drove home today, goodbye spring break, hello life! Did you miss me? yea, I didn't miss you either.. I just have to say, I accomplished one of my lifelong goals today. I saw where the bushes turn to pine trees on the way from Phoenix to Flag. You think I'm ridiculous, but, it's always eluded me. You're driving along and all of a sudden you're in the forest.. Actually, it's kinda disappointing. hmm.. I was actually going to say something here, and now I've forgotten what is was.... kinda funny, the guy who teaches my sunday school class at my family's church was talking this morning and mid-sentence says Oh I just lost it! he forgot what he was going to say while he was saying it. Well, I thought it was pretty funny anyways... I still can't remember... shoot this is gonna bug me... Ha! I remembered.. ok During high school I was a leader/teacher for Teamkids at our church. I did it for quite a while actually, and I loved it. It was a huge outreach for a lot of kids in our town who needed it a lot. We always hoped it would be for the parents too. There was one family with three kids that came for a while, then moved to Flag. These children were pretty little, I think the oldest was 7. The two younger boys were.. they made me smile. a lot. Dey taltet lite dis, and every week when we'd pick them up on the van one of them would be in raptures with this bright green car we'd pass. he called it the "too fast too fuwious tar. it's so tool Miss Hannah!" They also reeked of marijuana every time they got on. I went to a service at a church I don't normally go to tonight with a few of my friends (yea I finally went. I've been telling my friend Mike I'd go for a few months now... but now I have so it's alright.) Well, I was sitting there talking to someone, and guess who comes in? The kids AND their mom! I almost started to cry I was so excited to see them in church. I talked to the pastor afterwards and found out they'd been coming for a while, and their mom had been baptized that morning.. their dad has even come a few times.. and the kids remembered me!! Praise God, their mom knows Jesus now! What a party in heaven. Well, it made me very happy. Just another reminder that God knows how to take care of people, and I can trust Him with them.

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eph2810 said...

This is just so cool:) Thank you for sharing. Isn't God awesome. We just have to trust that He will take care of the rest, when we sow the little seed - He makes them grow :)