Friday, August 24, 2007

And then

Ok.. still no decision, but I've destressed (mostly). I am having a hard time leaning either way, there are pros and cons with each. Ok, so maybe I'm still leaning towards staying here. I am keeping an open mind though, and learning how to make decisions. Sort of.

Right, so it takes me 30 minutes to decide what kind of movie to watch (and that's just for the genre.. then I have to pick one). Well, what happens happens. Such is life.

I think it would be easier for me to decide if we weren't going into the Fall season. It is in fact the best season. Ever. (I hooked one of my friends into watching a Christmas movie with me last night. We were walking around downtown, eating Pita Pit, and found the christmas store. She had never seen It's a Wonderful Life, and well, that just can't be allowed, so we watched it.)

The other day at work one of the guys was listening to his music (after the boss left), and I like music, I do... Earlier he had Norah Jones playing.. very good. But, later, turned up good and loud, I heard the tunes of Chicago blaring down the hall. Oh goodness. Well, after about 15 minutes of this I heard Mike yelling as only Mike can do, "WHO IS LISTENING TO CHICAGO OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN??!!" And he went on for a few minutes.. then I heard Jeremy Camp blaring out of Mike's office, and him telling his assistant, Amanda, this is a lot better huh, this is christian music, man he's good.

It's things like this that make my day amusing.

I have to go.. we're having a poker night Benny and Joon style at my place tonight...


Monday, August 20, 2007



Not Phoenix, never Phoenix, I can't move to Phoenix! Please don't make me do it. My friend told me to read the story of Jonah. Fitting.

I have a chance to work for a children services organization. In Phoenix. (Why me?)

Ok, good reasons to move to Phoenix:
1. ASU has one of the nest Social Work programs in the country.
2. This job is in my field (ish.. it's a receptionist/secretary position).
3. My family lives there.

Good reasons NOT to move to Phoenix:
1. It's Phoenix.
2. I love Flagstaff. i love mountains and trees and cool weather and good coffee and frisbee and hiking and places I can go to be alone outside and music.
3. My churches. I love them. (I go to 3 now..)
4. My friends. They're wonderful.
5. My house. I'm used to being on my own now. It would be hard to move back home, for me and for my parents. And for Beth who would have to share a room with me.

Ok, being reasonable. There are good churches in Phoenix. There are not good mountains in Phoenix. I may like the people i meet there, but I will not enjoy the place. There is no comparing. I am not being negative (ok, maybe a little), I simply do not like the desert (fine. I live in a desert too. I mean the normal desert with cacti and sand and no trees to be seen).

So, I did not read the story of Jonah. I know it already. Besides, Jonah still didn't like Ninevah after he left. Not a happy ending. I'd rather not have to compare myself with Jonah.

I'll move if everything works out to where I know God wants me to. And I'll try not to have a bad attitude, because that never helped anything. The thought of it, at this point, is rather depressing though.

I don't want to leave.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm at work right now, I got to open today instead of close. A couple older men are sitting up front having their coffee and papers. One just told me that "the obvious is overlooked and the innocent always suffer." I replied, Well that's a wonderful phrase to start the day with. (In my head)

Now he's reading the paper, and apparently the article is on the school. He thinks it strange that the kid in the picture could get an A with his feet only halfway in his shoes and all. But, it's better than the flip flops some of 'em wear, the ones that are failing that is. Yes, yes, it's a mystery to me, I tell him. I suppose there are many obstacles to be overcome in education these days. OK, I didn't really say that either.

But I wanted to.

Conviction is the topic of the week. It is so refreshing to be around people with convictions, whether I agree with them or not. It's good to know when people care about something. It's good to know there are things worth believing. Really believing, faith believing, you know? Like, they do things differently because of their belief.

Facing out of the windows in the front of the shop is Mt Elden, and the Peaks are to the side a little farther off. I love it, facing this huge wall of mountain and trees, especially when it's cloudy. I'm sitting and looking at this mountain in front of me.. It's so much easier to sit and look at mountains than it is to climb them, especially when you're forging your own trail.

Does God ask us to sit and look sometimes? I think so, but it doesn't make much sense. To me.

In blogger world people talk, ponder, visit, escape... In real world we do the same thing. Mostly. And mostly I think it's not good. Right now, though, God's asking me to do that. So here I sit, looking at this mountain (it really needs to be climbed). The nations are crying out.

I'm not very patient.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I've been so blessed lately, I love to come together with people and have random church services. Maybe that's the wrong word, because all we really do is talk about God, and God things, and how they play out in real life. We've gotten to pray for each other, encourage each other, offer wisdom and accept wisdom. It's so powerful to be the Church outside of the church.

Last night, for example, emily and I had a bunch of people over for cookies and whatnot and something brought up one person's convictions. A seemingly small thing, but it's often small things that really grate against our conscience. It's so good for us to be able to share our convictions with one another, especially when we don't all agree.

For one thing, God's children need to keep one another in mind, as loving brothers and sisters always should. For another, we can always learn from each other. Another friend very wisely said, God places things on our hearts to help others to grow. By mentioning our convictions, we can help others to grow, so long as it is done without pride.

This is going to sound odd, but another way I was so blessed last night, was that while a few of us were praying for someone, my car was being vandalized. Maybe I should've said that the other way around. It's strange, but, to know that God always has perfect timing... Maybe I needed that before I found out what had happened.

Yes my poor car has been through a lot lately. Thankfully, all they did was bust a couple windows. My tires and the rest of the car was fine. Mostly everyone stayed safe. That's most important. It was a disturbing sight though, to see my poor car sitting there with all the doors and the trunk open wide, with the windows shattered..

Well, I have to go, I'm supposed to be home right now (oops) fro foreign movie night :).