Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Shack

My roommates have been reading that new novel the Shack. It's intriguing, if only for the reason that it's highly controversial, at least, to some. It made the Times as a surprise best seller

It's fiction piece about a man who is dealing with grief and loss and is visited by "God" in the form of a black woman who calls herself Papa. The idea behind this is that God is neither male nor female, but as the author says, God is called Father in the Bible because in the fall of mankind the mother became the primary caregiver and nurturer. Also, the man in the book had a bad relationship with his own father, and so had a man come to him as God he would've been harder to accept.

Why is it heresy to think of God as also being female? Or rather, being neither male nor female but giving us representations of who he is in the form different of genders. It's definitely hard to grasp, at least for me. I've never been a hardcore feminist, and in this country my ideas of gender roles are probably very skewed. It's something to think about.

About half the families I've worked with so far have been single mothers. The families in which the father is present have all at various points in time been involved in domestic violence. (Just to be fair, in all of these cases the mother was also violent towards the father.) In most cases the mother is the dominant figure (not all). In an economic class where men are rarely present (either physically or mentally) the women have learned to take control and now this applies whether the man is there or not. Even if he's there now, there are no promises about tomorrow. I wonder what similarities there are, if there are any, between these women and the women in generations past who had to live without husbands and fathers due to wars. Was it hard for the wife to give the role of authority back to the husband?

Well, back to work I go. Peace.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sometimes goodness is terrifying. Suffering produces beauty. There is so much suffering in the world, it seems like there should be more beauty than there is. Ugliness is so much more abundant. There is always something wrong, and someone who causes more to be wrong because of it.

I want to see the ugly become beautiful. To see the sad become happy. The hungry full, the blind with sight.
This is my request.

I have to go to work.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Ok, now this is a bit absurd... Apparently the Japanese government is measuring the waists of their citizens in an effort to "slim down" their country. Those who do not meet the standards are given 3 months before they are turned over to a dieting specialist. hmmm.....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

huckabee is back.

I thought I was going crazy yesterday. I'm feeling questionable today as well. I worked 55 hours this week, and it turns out that I am not an overtime sort of person. Can not handle it. Too much. It took every bit of my courage not to quit last night. Just breathe....

So last night we went to the movie at the square, the Wizard of Oz. We tried to analyze it politically but I'm not sure if it really worked. We started out with a Depression theory then went to an Axis power/WWII theory. the wicked witch became Stalin and the flying monkeys kinda looked like Cossacks. But the Emerald City was a communist society... which doesn't make sense. the crowd was interesting as well. there were a bunch of high school kids by us working out their dramatic lives. They were giving soap operas a run for their money.

Speaking of... you will never guess who the newest news anchor is for FOX news. I may have to watch it just to see this. It's big. It's phenomenal really, my jaw dropped, my mind could not contain it... the late, great presidential candidate.... Mike Huckabee. Yes, yes, it's true. he's multi-talented. Governor, baptist minister, pres candidate, and now news anchor. Only Fox..... There are so many comments I would like to make at this moment... I don't know where to start really.

So I'll leave it to you.

Monday, June 09, 2008

trash cans

Someone called the sheriff on me today. New experience.... They didn't respond though, it was a bit absurd... Yay angry foster parents! *sigh*

There's a little girl who lives down the street from me, and when I drive by I see her and her friend perched on top of the trash and recycling cans by the street. They're usually chatting happily away while passers-by gaze up at them in a sort of wonder and (I think) envy. Imagine the ability to sit atop the trash and refuse of the world and happily share an afternoon with a friend.

The trash has nothing to do with them, it is simply there and happens to be a convenient spot to hang out. 10 does not regard the opinion of the world as relevant. Maybe 10 does not even acknowledge public opinion. 10 is still a kid, it's after 10 that miniature representations of adults begin to emerge.

*this is where I left to sneak into a friend's house and decorate his room with obnoxious christmas decorations*

Thursday, June 05, 2008

There's a wideness in God's mercy....

I went up the peaks on the lift the other day for the first time. It was beautiful up there, looking out and feeling the wideness of the world.

I love climbing mountains, just to be alone in the quiet with a bird as a companion and breathe the pine-y fresh air... As much as I like to hike, I very much prefer to look up at a mountain than down from it. There's something about looking up at something as big and majestic as a snow covered peak against a clear blue sky, or on a cloudy day when it seems all the heavy mists get stuck on the tip... I especially love being in a valley and feeling surrounded by the huge walls of mountains.

I think humans need something they know is bigger than they are that will never fall or break. It's why we need hero's, why every culture has a god or gods.

Sometimes God is so vast and wide that it's hard to get a hold of him. For me, I think mountains are a tangible reminder that God is also tangible (and that's the best I can describe that one). Jesus is easier to get a hold of, a handhold for my mind. A being with an audible voice, a personality, a form.

We cannot put God in a box, it doesn't work. We always try to, maybe especially when we think we're not. that's why churches are so different. We all have these different boxes that we focus on. the problem is that we think the box we have is the only one that exists. I'm not being a relativist, I believe in absolutes, I just don't think that God works by our rules. We've even given meanings to the words we use to describe God thus putting his characteristics in a box. Words like Good, Love, Just, etc. Maybe we should redefine our definitions (ha how's that phrase?)

Well, I'm going to go clean my house. Peace.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Hello blogging world. You are increasing globalization. Good work, lovely. I hope you take this responsibility seriously.

I am a student again (woohooo!!), and taking a sociology class. Mmhmm I love it, I may turn it into a career.

The other day I saw a man who seemed to be in his 60's running down the main road carrying a lit torch. I can only assume that he intends to say we are all winners. Sweet.

In the paper this morning there was an article on the Southern Baptist Convention. A church called the Journey is taking a stand against the 'moral majority' and has decided the the church does not exist to get people into office (shocker). They have asked other churches to take a look at caring for the environment, and other issues that the 'moral majority' has been ignoring. The convention has stated they will not be funding any more churches that take these stands. This makes me sad, and slightly confused.
Out of curiosity, why is it that all SBC pastors seem to have a drawl? Just wondering....

Oh, and the EU has begun investigating Iran's nuclear program, to see how far they got in the program before closing it down in 2003. We shall see how that goes. They already have the long range missiles down. Bet that's why the EU is interested now, the missiles have a range far enough to reach major european cities. hm.

So I was wondering, is it possible for a person to think objectively, disregarding culture completely? What would that look like? Obviously there is an objective world, but can a person perceive and act without being influenced by society, any society? I'd like to know more opinions if you have one....

So.... book, or hike? Orrrrr both?