Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I was reading the Celebration of DIscipline the other day while doing laundry, and one of the chapters in the book is on the discipline of simplicity.

I know that simplicity applies to material things, but the author also applies it to lifestyle and the busyness of our minds. So, I decided to try to simplify. I lost the ability to quiet my mind sometime ago, and this is my first goal.

Also, he applied simplicity to our dependencies. ANything that I depend on apart from God should be weeded out. That means this thing here in my lap, so I won't be on as much for a while. Little things first.

I watched a movie last night that was set in Boulder, Colorado and I decided that I need to live there for a month or two. But not this year. Just sometime. (And if I met some incredibly good looking, mountain biking, God-loving guy while I'm there, that'd be alright with me. ;))

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Painting and reading

I picked up Daniel Deronda (George Eliot) again today. I started it a few months ago but didn't get very far cause of school. You have to kinda endure the beginning, but once you're past that it's very good. It always amazes me, reading older books, that the authors make so many references to other works, as if it were common knowledge. They are so steeped in classical literature, music, historical persons, and even the opera that it appears in their writing constantly. I like the Barnes and Nobles books for the end notes explaining all the references I wouldn't have gotten myself.

We repainted the coffee shop, it looks soo much better now! It's an earthy green and brown, and a guy we know who paints murals did a tree for us for free. It looks fantastic, kinda Tim Burton-ish. I will post pics soon. We started around 9 on saturday night and finished the main painting around 4 am, then went back today to finish cleaning and touch-ups.

One of the regulars (I think I've mentioned him before, the one from NJ..) came by after we'd just started and he hung out with us for a while showing us how to paint correctly and eating some of our "easter" dinner with us (it was going to be a thanksgiving dinner, but the stores weren't caryying turkeys, so we had ham instead). It is so awesome to be able to feel like friends with the people we get to know there.

A guy I work with there has an idea to start a community garden in the back of the building for the kids in the neighborhood. That, would be incredible. Our shop is in the poor part of town, and there's not much there for the community. It would be great to get to know some kids around there.

I think we're going down to the creek tomorrow (no work!!). Hope it's not crowded. Good weekend.

By the way, and friend of mine is engaged to a guy from Delaware who was in an accident and is currently in a coma. Please by praying for both of them!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Seven things

I'm back. I was tagged. (No, not with spray paint. That'd be interesting.) For a blog... I think it's 7 things I've learned? That's what I remember it being, so that's what I'm going to write. May take some thinking....

1. I need people. It's not healthy to be alone, God made us to be around people, to have community and fellowship. Not just to be around people though, to be known and to know them. That, is fellowship, and that can be scary. But more usually it's good. I'm trying to be known more than I have allowed myself to be before (that sounds kinda funny). You might say this blog is a part of that.

2. I have come to know more aspects of God's love and his heart for the hurting and oppressed. I've learned that it is not only the poor who are needy, and that the rich are often more so however they tend to be more closed off to love (at least that of God). Also, I'm learning that Love means justice as well as grace. While that may seem obvious and positive in a way, it's hard to understand sometimes. But, it would not be love if it were not so.

3. Life is easier if you're not out to prove anything. (That one seems fairly self-explanatory)

4. Collaging is a great way to see your life from a different perspective. Try it.

5. People who change the world aren't afraid to love, to care, or to do small things.

6. Everyone needs a listening ear more than an answer, and most likely they already have the latter and lack the first.

7. Your nose and ears never stop growing.


The people I work with can be stinkin hilarious. Today, following tradition, I went to lunch with some of them at their usual place. They sat around telling stories about their trips to Las Vegas. Oh man, it was funny!

They like to make jokes about granola-y folks (birkenstocks and whatnot) and liberals around me. All in good fun. I hold my own though. hehe...

We watched the Fountain last night (and had NJ pizza, again. We're all addicted now. It's delicious. Mozzarella, ricotta, red onion, garlic, spinach, tomatoes and grilled chicken. and all organic. mmmm). It was different? It was something... huh. I still don't know quite what I think about it.

I need to go and smell the wet forest now :)... going for a run. It's been a little sprinkly the last couple days, and it smells and feels marvelous. Then errands galore. Then movie and sleep. Mmmm sleepp....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


my roommate is married! it was a nice wedding, somewhat on the warm side... here's a few pics....

Me and my other roommate, Julie, getting ready.

Bethany and the flower girl. so adorable!

oh we are sneaky!

Well there's a few. I'll have more in a week or two. time to get some groceries!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Done with finals!! woohoo!! I finished my religions final today, and I got an A on that term paper! I was so excited, you have no idea. I was hoping for a B.

Well Mr. Khomeini, perhaps you're not such a bad chap after all. At least you got me an A.

Life is good.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I sat in a room with Fidel Castro, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Condoleeza Rice, and even Danny Glover today and discussed socialism vs democracy. It's true.

My final in my third world women in cuba class was a debate, and the professor had us research our characters so that we could discuss Cuba and the U.S. as these politicians, writers, celbrities, etc. It was actually fun, people got into it. Fidel won hands down, btw. NAU students have a tendency towards socialism. How many people can say that their finals wqere fun?

ALmost done with finals, two down, one to go!!

I started the receptionist position at work, it's so much easier. AND I GET TO READ BOOKS! woohoo! And I answer the phone. I'm afriad I'm getting that phone voice. Oh well.

SO, about that book thing, I need to work on a list. Here's what I have to start with:
The First Circle (it's a russian book about the prison camps in Siberia. I've been wanting to read it for a few years, but it's one of those intense books and I haven't had time. Maybe I'll be able to continue my summer-russian book tradition.)
The Brothers Karamazov (need a refresher)
I want to find a biography on Jane Hull, and DOrothy Day. Maybe that new one on Jimmy Stewart too.
Walden Pond. Gotta read it once.
Olaudah Equianus. (started this one. he's the ex-slave in Amazing Grace, it's really good so far.)
The Kite Runner. (Afghanistan)
Daniel Deronda. (George Eliot)
Celebration of Discipline. (never finished it)

That's all I have so far. Any suggestions? I'll have to go look around. I might reread a few too... it's been so long.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Immigration and Iraq

Laundry time! Yay clean clothes! and funky music that I'm listening to in here... hmm..

I'm almost done with classes, two of them have canceled what regular classes were left, so I only have... 3 left to go to. Until finals, that is. Then, hello office! Good news, I can bring books to read! I need a good reading list. I have a few...

I went to my policy & legis. class this morning, my professor told a story that made me so angry I couldn't pay attention for the rest of the class. Yup, I'm going to tell it to you. I've calmed down a little, so I think I can tell it now.

This story does not begin with "Once upon a time" because it is still happening.

A young soldier came home from the war (Iraq) recently, and my professor somehow knew him. He said his job in Iraq was to guard a street, make sure people came to a stop at the intersection, check their cars as they came by, etc. He had a machine gun, just in case. One day a car came through without coming to a stop. It was a man with four children, one an infant. His commander told him to shoot them down. He did. They're dead. The stop sign was in english. The young soldier now goes to counseling for nightmares.

Sad story number 2 (also told in my class this morning.)

What would you think of someone who kidnapped a people because of their nationality, locked them up in internment camps, threw them out in a different country, or who knows what else. They didn't take the children though. Guess the kids weren't considered dangerous enough. Know one really knew what happened to these people, those responsible for removing them wouldn't tell. The children are left without parents, or even a clue to where they might be. What would you think of people who would do that? Sounds like that movie, Apocalypto, or maybe Children of Men. Or barbarians hundreds of years ago.
But not now. Not America. Right?

My professor's wife teaches at an elementary school here. She said they've been having a few problems regarding the new illegal immigration policy. Here is the scenario:
The "illegal immigrants" move here so that they can get jobs, homes that aren't made out of cardboard, food, etc. They have kids. These kids are now citizens of the United States. They go to school. The government decides to get rid of illegal immigrants. They raid an area, take the illegal immigrants to who knows where (either an internment camp or somewhere in Mexico), while the kids are at school.

I'm going to a panel on our immigration policy tomorrow, several professors from NAU will be sharing. Dear God, what is happening? It scares me, to know that this is going on, and no one even knows. Or maybe they don't care. That might be even more sad.

DId you know that the illegal immigrants support our social security system? It would (will) collapse without them. They have to pay into it, but can't take out of it. Of course, that might not be a problem if our country didn't lead the world in military spending. Gotta keep those terrorists away, right? But if they're soooo worried about terrorists, they should probably start with American citizens cause we also lead the world in murder, addiction, (imperialism), etc.

And if they want to help people, maybe they should start at home. We have 40 million people wihtout health insurance, but we're spending 9 billion dollars a week in Iraq. Our minimum wage hadn't been raised in years, but our legislators found it more important to win an argument against the House than to get it raised.

Man, I guess I'm still a little upset. More people should be. But then, in a society where self is more important than others, why should anyone care? I hate capitalism. Ok I'm done. Doing my part to raise awareness, lol.

On a brighter note, here's some pics of me and rosanna at the dove....