Monday, September 25, 2006


Returrrrnnn to meeeeee.... I'm watching a movie! Woohoo!! You know what that means? That means I actually got everything done that I needed to tonight, and I have time to sit back, relax, sleep.. mm sleep... that sounds nice. I think I'll do that next :). I had a good Monday (kinda sounds like an oxymoron eh?). I did though. I had time to make lunch (potatoes and almonds are good together btw), and time to eat it before my next job. I got all my errands done in like an hour after work, and then I came home and put on Home Alone while I finished cleaning (I was in the mood for a christmas movie, and that one seemed appropriate since I am home alone. all by myself. no one else. sad huh?) and did you catch that I finished cleaning?? I did. It was nice. our bible study girls are coming here tomorrow night since Lainee's out of town, and we're having fondu! Yum! I also sang in the shower tonight. I don't ever do that, but I liked it so I think I'll make it a habit. At least my roommate will get some laughs ;). (I sang Christmas songs by the way.. cause Christmas is coming.. it's around the corner... I liek Christmas a lot) And now, I am writing this for no reason at all, and watching Return to Me. Actually I'm not watching it. I put it on so I wouldn't feel so very alone here by myself. Sometimes I liek being alone a lot. this is not one of those times. Ok well, hmm, I think it's time to dry my hair and go to bed! Be God's!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Aesthetic Beautiful Truth

My mom just posted an old blog on reflection. Here is mine...

I think refection occurs often for me when I see/hear/smell etc something God has made to be beautiful. Aesthetic beauty if you will. I was at a concert this week listening to voices that God made to be beautiful (Brandon Heath! Aaron Shust, and Bebo Norman), but that was not what caused me to "reflect" or maybe a better word, To stop. To listen. To rejoice. I also think that Truth can be aesthetically beautiful, and that is a most powerful thing.

We hear truth a lot, but usually it has been watered down or smothered in doctrine. When truth is spoken in simple and clear ways, it becomes a hammer to strike at our hearts like a hammer hitting a gong to awaken the people. To call them to the meal. In Old Testament times, to share a meal with someone was to commit yourself to them. Well we who are God's have already been committed, and the supper lays waiting at the table. It's like we've walked away in the middle of the main course and left the food half eaten. The gong is to bring us back. I digress lol.

Bebo Norman was sharing with us an experience he had while in Africa on a trip with Compassion International. He and a few other Americans were visiting some of the families being sponsored. They met this one family living in a hut made of dung and straw. They were talking with the father of the family (through an interpreter) and asking him questions. One of the Americans asked him this question, "If you could have one thing from God to give to your family, what would that be?" Well, the man sat and thought. And he sat and he thought. This went on for quite a while; to the point where the group was rather uncomfortable with the silence. And then, the man lifts his head up, and he gives his answer. "You see, that tree right there? That tree grows fruit which my family eats. This hut, this is where my family sleeps at night. If you walk, down there a ways, there is a river where my family gets water to drink. And this is our goat, from the Compassion International, and from it we get milk for the children. Because of my sponsored child, we have come to know Jesus. You ask me what more I want? But I say we have all we need."

Hmm.. If someone were to ask me that same question... I'd be embarrased to write all the responses I could come up with in 1 minute. but that was a slight digression as well.

The singer went on to say, so rightly, that it is NOT the job of the government to feed and clothe the poor, the hungry. It is OUR responsibility. Ours. God gave it to us, and what have we (yes, we) done with it? I can tell you what I've done with it. I've ignored it. I've excused it away. I've heard christians say (on the radio or somewhere, not talking about people I know) that if God blesses you with this or that (unnecessary) thing, thank him for it and don't be ashamed. But is that true, or is it a feel good philosophy? I'm not saying we need to be Franciscans, but really, do I need the closet full of things when a child is dying at this moment of malnutrition? That, to me, is sickening. It is the responsibility of God's people to help those in need of it. James 1:27. So that was my aesthetic beautiful truth.

Even when truth is stepping on my toes it does make me stop, listen, and rejoice. God called us first to love Him, and second to love people. I don't think I'm doing it. It almost makes me wish I'd been born in that hut that I might appreciate God and blessings as I should. Well, I wasn't born there. I was born in America, our modern day Babylon. I've been infiltrated and brainwashed with the self-serving mentality and I've succumbed to it. Hmm.

Well, tomorrow is another day to live and work. And I'm going to live in it. Sooo I'm going to sleep. I hope this isn't a guilt trip thing. I didn' t mean for it to be, but it struck me, so I needed to get it out. Hold me accountable to what I say (even thought I won't want you to lol). And I am serious, and I think that this is a tragic problem that needs to be fixed. And there you have it, I promise not to keep going now. Pastor's daughter, remember? (I like it when you go on though dad, I do!) Ok good night!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I will give you rest

It's been awhile I think.. Sorry mom ;). I've been kinda busy, but it's been a good few weeks! I have to say, God has blessed me with an abundance of Joy this week! Maybe because of the change in the weather, maybe just because He is good. In any case, Praise God for who He is!

I was remembering a time a few years ago, when a friend, out of the blue, asked me why I love Jesus. I can't remember what I said at that time. I'm constantly learning so much about God, I've only scratched the surface and there is so much more to Him than I know. There is so much more to know, I wish I could get several of the wise people I know together so I could listen to them talk. That's part of what I love about the coffee shop where I work. People are constantly coming in telling their stories and I'm learning so much just being at work :)

I began going over in my mind all the things that I would say now, all of the things God is, all the things He's made.. The weather these past couple days reminds me of God's love. I love God because He is a God of beautiful things, the sky,
the stars (out in the middle of no where in the dark when you can see millions of them across the sky)
the ocean-- the steady and powerful rolling of the waves, the smell and taste of it in the air, the wildness of God revealed in it
The trees, especially this time of year, I love the smell of the leaves as they fall
The people. The beautiful people who allow love to inhabit them! The children.. so amazing

God is so many wonderful things.. Doesn't it amaze you that He IS love, joy, peace, etc? He doesn't just have those qualities, they are are Him and He is them. There is so much more... I enjoy these things so much. They are wonderful things showing me a wonderful God, but they do not mean so much as what God speaks to me in my life every day. Sometimes I am better at listening than at others, but I can Rest! in the assurance that He is always there. Isn't rest good? So good.. thank God for Sundays.. those in my heart throughout the week as well as the literal ones.

Hmm I'm not in much of a writing mood tonight I guess (yea, I know, this thing is ridiculously long anyways haha). I have a couple funny work (office this time) stories, but they'll have to wait. This week went by so fast, I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday!

James 1:27

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blood Water Foundation

Well, thank goodness (literally), my ranting and raving moods are strong but pretty short. always gone in the morning. Who could be upset when there's a whole big blue world above you when you wake up. I think I know what the problem was-- it was raining when I woke up that morning. (lol I don't actually think that, but it's interesting anyhow!) I mean, I love the rain, I do. Especialy in th afternoons when I occasionally have a moment to curl up with a book (War and Peace again at the moment btw) and a cup of warm goodness. But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

Lainee and I had kind of a culture night tonight. It was gads of fun, we did henna (on my right foot/some leg and right below my collar bone) so right now I'm sitting here wrapped in toilet paper so it won't rub off.. We also had some good cous cous (thanks Risa) and cucumber and whatnot, and we watched an independent/foreign film called the Syrian Bride. It was very very good. I don't think I've ever watched a movie in a foreign language before (there were subtitles). It was all about a girl from Israel getting married to a man from Syria whom she'd never met. The thing is, once you cross that border, you cannot ever cross again. She had to leave her family. It was fascinating and sad to watch their culture.

Somewhat on that topic, I've semi-decided (cause I'm nervous, not a true barbarian yet-- Erwin McManus book) to fundraise to get the money to build a well in Africa. It's 1000 dollars to build a well, and you can give an African clean water for a whole year on just one dollar. Kinda puts things in a new perspective eh? Soo I need help with ideas for how to do this. I think I'm going to do it through the Blood Water ministry with Jars of Clay. I'd really like to fundraise in a way that catches people's attention fro Africa though. Also, of course, for God's love. I really do think that christians should care for people with a passion beyond that of nonchristians, and that includes physical needs. In fact, i also believe that we aren't really caring for people if we aren't at least trying to care for their physical needs along with their other ones, spiritual being of the utmost importance of course. But why should people believe we care if we are not trying to help? So anyways, please share your ideas with me! And remember to pray for Africa; at LEAST Sudan's actually been in the news recently, but it's not good news. And here's a few websites about it you can check out....

Enjoy your day, may it be full of blessings!