Friday, December 22, 2006

questioning politics again

In my last post I entered the forbidden realm of politics. Since then, I learned (with help) that there is really no use in saying things against politics/politicians/the war unless you plan to do something about it. Words that are not backed up in actions are empty (believe it or not).

However, is it possible to vote according to God, when it seems that every choice is an evil? Take the last election. Conservatives didn't like the Democrats' "moral" positions, however liberals didn't like the Republicans' economy positions because the poor are not being helped in the way they could be. Which was right? I've read christian leaders who say it's just a choice between two evils and we have to choose the "lesser" evil. Is that right?

OR, could it be that we are forcing our convictions onto other people? I understand that it effects more than just one person when someone sins, however, does God want us to be pushing our morals onto nonchristians? I found a blog that voiced a few things I'd been wondering about myself. the Dialogical Coffeehouse

Let me know what you think.

As an update, it was in the news yesterday that the US is giving Sudan til the end of the year to allow the UN to help them, or else. Or else what? Well, there were no absolute specifics, but there were words to the effect a visit from up to 10,000 American soldiers to Sudan.

I also found this picture online.....

These are the Lost Boys I've written about before. They are now living Kakuma, a refugee camp, along with over 200,000 refugees from Sudan, Chad, and Ethiopia. In the picture they are looking for ants to eat. They walked across Sudan almmost 2 times before landing in Kakuma. There were about 12,000 of them. And that is Sudan.

This isn't meant to cause a guilt trip, it being Christmastime. Enjoy God's blessings, but don't be so immersed in them that you can't see past them. Remember to keep the suffering of these African countries in your prayers.

Merry Christmas, enjoy the answer to God's age old promise to Israel.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

in the news

I was listening to the news on the radio at work the other day, the world news that is, and heard a few interesting things...

First interesting thing-- a reporter in Iraq was talking to voters and this is what they found out. The poor, uneducated part of Iraq did vote, but, it was mostly out of a sense of religous duty. they were told that voting is a religous duty, and so vote they did, however they really did not care who they were voting for.. The educated part of Iraq refused to vote at all. Why? Because they cannot endorse the system, the Americanization. The same thing happened in Iran. America took it upon themselves to go into a country and place the people they (we, that is) felt to be right for the people (of whom we knew nothing about). Interesting, yes? I have decided I don't think going to war was the right decision, for a few different reasons, however I also feel that since we are there, we cannot possibly pull out (right away) without causing the people major damage. Feel free to disagree with me, but first go learn about what happened in Iran. and this doesn't mean I'm anti Bush, exactly.

Second interesting thing. Apparently the Chinese people are much too good at saving their money, so America (for the better good of China, of course..) is trying to influence them to spend more money (this has nothing whatsoever to do with America.. the fact that we are influencing them to spend it on American products is a mere coincidence...) Of course, there is much more to it, but being the sort of person who hasn't much clue to how economy runs, this is what I pulled from the story. (And you're thinking, well maybe she shouldn't be critiqing it then.. and well, maybe i shouldn't.) On a more positive note, they also stated that Americans need to save more and spend less.

I find it funny that loan stores and Starbucks are on every corner. random comment.

In the paper there was a picture of a large crowd watching a line of women being paraded down the street (in another country). The women were all wearing large white shirts and black pants, and what looked like the masks doctors will wear. They had flung their hair forward to cover what part of their face the masks did not. The women were also attended by police officers. Some of the officers were serious, eyes straight ahead. Others were joking and laughing amongst themselves. The article on the picture said they were women suspected of being prostitutes. They were paraded down the street in front of this very large, curious crowd, and then thrown into prison. without a trial.

Last thing from the news for tonight.. A single line, slightly larger than the others, which read, "REMEMBER THE NEEDIEST". So, who are the neediest? Is it the oppressed (by America, by religion, or by their own government) of the Middle East? Or the poor in our own country trying to keep up with the neighbors? Is it the shamed, abandoned prostitute being mocked and jeered by thousands? Or could it be a hollywood icon, empty (in spirit and in stomach..) and lonely? The starving, empty eyed infant in a gutter, or a grandfather in a nursing home- clinging to days when the end was not in sight?
How and why do we decide who needs God most? Or do we (I mean I) decide who needs him least because we see from a material point of view, and not a spiritual one? It is not only the poor who are needy.

And I hope my war comments were not offensive. I do not want to offend, at least politically, as that seems to be more of a matter of personal conviction rather than biblical absolute right and wrong. At least, from what I see. Well, God bless, and Merry Christmas! what a nice blog for the season yes? lol.. but really, do enjoy the beauty and joy of the holiday!

Friday, December 15, 2006

no loans for me!

It's almost time to go home! woohoo! I cannot tell you how sloowww this week has gone by! and I don't even have finals...

I found out I don't have to take out a loan after all this semester!! (rejoice, rejoice!) My grant covers the bulk of it, and I only had to pay 700 or so.. yay! And, I think I'll even have enough for books.

So our internet (eh, well, not OUR internet exactly...) has been terminated.. they found us out. Me, the Smiths, and Mr. Micah (neighbor, under whom we are about to move) were all using someone's wireless internet and I think they've blocked it. sad. Mr. Micah said he could get the signal if he walked down the street (funny, funny pictures in my head). So I have to go to the library or a coffee place to use internet now. oh well, it's probably a blessing.

So I'm poor again, but not in debt. Mr fridge is empty, but, I'm going home. I'll just have to eat a lot while I'm there.. like bears when they hibernate. hehehe... By the way, I'm still tired, so I'm going to try fasting from caffiene while I'm home. We'll see if that does the trick.

Oh, I also found out that I need to be looking for a new job in March. or by March.. And I've never really had to apply for a job before.. it'll be an adventure. I just need to figure out where I want to work next. hmm... (oh, and no I'm not fired lol, my boss just needs to hire someone full time, and I can't do that.)

well, it's off to work I go. hello shack fever.. oh it's so nice outside today too! sigh... rejoice rejoice rejoice!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

christmas shopping

I hate christmas shopping. I do. I spent 2 hours in the mall (in flagstaff? really? they have what, 10 stores? but it's true, I did...) AND I did not find one single little thing. arrrrghhhh! I was so frustrated, I went to Arby's and got a roast beef sandwich. Goodbye vegetarianism... (I could only eat a little bit of it, but I didn't get sick!) Then I went downtown and found several items. Just goes to show you, ... um i was going to say something here.... shoot....

I can't wait to go home! oh this week is going to be long... Oh, but we are moving... at least partially. that's exciting, yes? We shall have a stove! And a Julie! Yay!

I think I shall move to Never-never land. And never grow up. And never go to school, or worry about the future, or... I'm in a mood. Not a bad mood, a wanderlust-ish kinda mood. The type of mood to where I want to o something different from what I usually do. I won't though. I'm not sure why.... it has been a week for discovering motives. Quite interesting, and I'm not sure where it will lead.

I should go to bed now. Or try to at any rate. G'night

Friday, December 08, 2006

christmas party! in williams.. hmm fun

Tonight was the BSM christmas party. in Williams. I have tried to be impartial about this seemingly innocent town, but it is impssible. Tonight wasn' so bad though really. We were going to skate on the outdoor rink (well, the group was going to skate. I and a couple other girls were going to get pie.) but when we arrived (we were hte first ones there) it was closing. I did get to see someone i hadn't seen in quite a looong time though. that was nice. So we got pie anyways. When everyone else got to town they decided to get pie as well. Poor Pine Country was invaded by 30 college kids in need of delicous pie... Luckily, being the first ones there, we got the best pies (slices that is). Then we oohed and ahhed at the big tree in the middle of the road. (Oh, sad, sad note.. buff the political dog has passed on. I honestly don't know what Scott the cameraman will do.. they were best friends..)

Then we made our way to the church. Oh yes, the church.. I think there's a new carpet.. but that doesn't matter.. I think I was expecting it to look different. it didn't though. Just the same as all the other years around christmastime. (I did have to show off the bathroom.. an experience of a lifetime..)

The new pastor was there though. Being there, and it looking the same, made me feel rather insignificant to tell the truth. Like all the years that I was involved there didn't make much difference. Those hours with the kids.. I don't think they have that anymore, which makes me sad. I know my dad made a difference, without a doubt, but I was just the pk. That's a cynical point of view eh? But not really. I'm just a person, and only God makes a difference. Who he works through is not the important thing.

We had our gift exchange. The 3 former pk's of FBC (hehe that's me! and courtney and katie) took our picture by the pulpit. It was over, and we left.

So last night it was discovered that there are some beautiful lights at the park by the library. So Emily and I went to the Place for hot chocolate (by the way, Santa Claus was there again!), then off to the park where we proceeded to sit under a gorgeously lit tree and talk and drink hot chocolate and freeze :). And now I'm home, drinking hot tea. and shivering. and wishing i could take a hot shower, but not wanting to go through the hassle. and writing this because for some reason unbeknownst to me, I am not tired yet. I will be soon though. Probably another 5 minutes and i'll be done for. I shall feel the effects tomorrow. *sigh*. But, it's worth it yes? To live. And keep on living. And that's what makes it worthwhile. Moments to talk, to enjoy beauty, to experience Jesus in another friend.

Isn't it amazing?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I am considering renouncing my vegetarian ways... I'm just so sick of being tired. I don't how to explain it other than just a constant weariness. I got over it after Thanksgiving, I think being at home and not doing too much of anything (and eating much better), as well as sleeping for about half the time I was there, helped a lot. But it's back, and I don't have time to sleep 12 hours a night lol.. And so I am thinking about eating meat once more. The thing is, I don't buy it, I can't really cook it, and so I'd still only eat it every once in a while. And would that help? I doubt it. I need another solution.. any suggestions?

Christmas is upon us. You know what's funny? Every year it happens that I get out of the Christmas mood right when everyone else is getting into it.. hmm.. We have a Christmas party in williams this year. go figure. I think they all want to see the ginormous tree..

I have clean clothes!! woohoo!! but now, I am absolutely exhausted. Oh, mom, I found a good sunny place. I tested it today, and liked it very much, so it is going to become my lunch time ritual. Ok, I really must go to bed. good night all! merry christmas!