Saturday, July 29, 2006

Weddings and such

So I fell in love today. I know my family had been to Snowbowl a time or two when we first moved here, but I hadn't been there since. Until today that is. I can't believe I've been missing this beautiful place! It's heavenly.. I was driving up the road to the wedding (more on that in a minute), and then I saw the aspen trees, and that was it for me. My new purpose in life is to find a hiking partner to go up there with me. You have to understand, it is a beautiful place, full of aspen trees and mountainsides and wildflowers.... today was perfect weather to see it in too. It was cloudy, but not stormy. The heavy clouds that sorta hang down and are very deep grey. I love it when the sky is like that, it makes everything much more green and misty. I will have pics soon, don't worry.

Now for the wedding.. Erin got married today; she's one of my best friends. I was a bridesmaid (first time) and the dresses were pretty, and-- it was at the Snow bowl. Ok I'm done now I promise.... It is a.. wierd thing when all of your friends begin to marry each other. I can't tell you how many weddings there've been this year! Well, the day started off at 9 when we went over to the Brother's house to start getting ready. (Actually it was more like 9:15 cause we had to make a detour to Macy's for chai..) I must admit, I had my doubts that it would take us all morning to get ready, but I was wrong. I think it was like 45 minutes for my hair to be done (Sara did it :)) ahhhhh! But that's not as bad as the hour and a half it took for Erin's hair. Then came the make-up. Thankfully Erin's mother is a Mary Kay consultant so we had a guide. We got to Snowbowl :D around 12. Erin didn't get there until 12:30 and she still had to get dressed.

The wedding started at 1. No one tripped while walking down the aisle, but Evelyn (flowergirl number 2, and only 1 year old) decided to attatch herself to Josh (the Groom) and had to be taken away lol. Now Josh's groomsmen were jokers, and so they came up with a plan. When the pastor asked if anyone objected to this marriage we all stepped forward. Including the pastor. It was funny. The rest was uneventful, we teared up a few times, but not so much that we needed to use the tissues we had conveniently stored in our dresses (well where else are you going to put it?) The reception was fun, the wedding party skipped in.. and didn't fall, well, erin almost did.. And so she is married now. I've realized I don't have many single friends left. They're either married, engaged, or on their way to being engaged. I'm only 19.. oy. Oh well, Insch Allah. By the way, there's a free Brandon Heath concert tomorrow at Lost Canyon :).

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