Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My week thus far

My roommate is being courted, and I was trying to figure out what you would call him.. and I decided on gentleman caller. Because it's fun. Well, it's fun for me, probably not so much for him, but he asked for it when he started courting my roommate so there. I started my new job yesterday. I am a secretary. Office girl to the rescue!! hehe... Today I became an expert at writing out violations. I like it though, total change of pace for me. I can't tell you how nice it is to go to work at 9. I can actually get up really early and do morning stuff now! woohoo! I can eat breakfast sitting down, and meet with God.. I hadn't been having my prayer/study time in the mornings, and it's so much better to do it then. It makes a difference. Oh, and, great news: I get to wear jeans on Fridays! This may not seem like much to you, but I've never had to dress up for work before and it'll be nice to wear normal clothes. Although, I gotta admit, I kinda like the dressing up going to the office thing. I've always wanted one of those jobs.. Not sure I could hndle the monotony of an office as a career though. I will miss my kids though. I'd be missing them even if I wasn't leaving today though, they're all growed up and going to Kinder Garden. I will miss my kids but I definately won't miss the gossip. I met a pastor who does prison ministries at the coffee house today. He is very enthusiastic.. The conversation went something like this... Hey man, you know Jesus is so amazing man! I mean, we're going to take over this area for JESUS! Yes! It's so cool man. Totally man. Hey is that your red car man? That's a sweet red car man, i used to have a red car, but I won't ever again. They're cool to look at man, but that paint is so hard to keep shiny man. I used to buy diapers and clean with those man. Ok so I may have exagerated the lingo a little.. he really is a sweet man though. He's probably old enough to be my grandpa, and he loves the Lord and the men in that prison. I've been on a C.S. Lewis kick lately.. just finished the Screwtape Letters and the Great Divorce. Both pretty thought provoking, although they are both entirely imaginary they contain a good deal of Truth. Now I'm on to the Abolition of Man. Ok well, I should go to bed. Good night all. Be Blessed, seek Joy, live Love!

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