Sunday, November 12, 2006


Some pics of the park when it was done... Well, just got back from the conference, and now I'm sitting in the laundry place by Macy's, drinking a delicous soy chai/talking to the lady who owns the place.

The whole point of the conference for us was that we got to make a park for the city of El Mirage. It was the hardest work i think I've ever done in my life. I got a few good blisters :)... There is a christian landscaper who planned/organized almost everything. It wasn't a children's park, which I had expected, it was a nice landscaped area with a pathway. When we arrived in the morning it was a dirt lot. (It's a pretty good sized one too.) About 200 college students filed off the buses and off to work we went. I spent almost the entire morning shoveling gravel into wheelbarrows. We got a pretty good system going. It was hard work, but I loved it! My last post was kinda my frustration with my own laziness this last week, so this was perfect.

And this is Lainee takin a pic of the whole group...

We had about half an hour for lunch which Ralbertos catered for us (and I could eat it, thanks to Lainee who had them bring bean burritos :)), then we went back to work til 5 or 5:30. I shoveled more, scavenged for dirt clods, and learned all about drip lines. I even became one of the drip line nazis hehe... and I got a knife... oh yes. Lol, explanation: since we didn't have much (any) training in this, the drip lines were a little screwed up, they were too long and wouldn't have been watering the plants, so I went around fixing them.

And these are some of my fellow drip line nazis...

This is what I did most of the day. It was funny to watch wheelbarrows coming out of a cloud of dust!

It's so neat to watch people as they work. You know everyone's tired and ready to go (I was ready to go after about an hour lol), but there was no complaining, and people were very encouraging and optimistic.

We all had a good time that night, swimming and listening to amazing musicians play guitars by the fire, and of course some shakes at In n Out. It was a good trip, despite some things....

So today, I could barely move. Oh so sore. What a good workout! :)

Most of our group before we left on Sunday morning...

It's back to work tomorrow. It's always wierd to go back to a normal schedule after having been away. But first, i gotta tackle some dishes! Dirt beware! And may the Spirit of the Lord bless you and be with you.


Anonymous said...

hey hannah,

could you send me some pictures that you took at fuzion? (Was your camera a digital?)


crickl said...

Awww, poor Smudge! (did you tell them your nickname??)

I thought it would be a breeze for you after hauling wood with your dad.

Love you! {{smoosh}}
Your mum