Thursday, March 01, 2007

such is life

I realized something. I'm going into Social Work. This whole struggle with the government and money thing, will only get worse. So, I should try to keep frustration and bitterness to a minimum, else be overwhelmed later.

Did you know that illegal immigrants are helping our Social Security? They have to pay it, but they can't take it. Sad eh?

In 2005 they estimated around 430,000 people would spend the night on the streets. In 2005. I'm going to make a bet that that number isn't going down. In fact, I'd venture to say it's going up. It was something like a third of those people had disabilities. hmmmm...

Charlie Rose had a senator and a representative on his show the other day. They were "discussing" minimum wage. Here's the picture: The Senate is holding the minimum wage bill hostage until the House passes a tax cut by the Senate for small business owners. This time I'm not even paraphrasing, they said hostage, not me. Here's my words:
People! Quit playin games with our money!!!
I feel much better.

So all this being said, how bad can my life be? Not very. I'm not homeless, disabled, hungry, unloved, jobless... Actually, I have an amazing life. And if all those things were true of me, I have Jesus, so it still wouldn't be bad. Just uncomfortable. So taking out a loan for school won't kill me right??....

It grates against my spirit to do it though. I don't think God wants us to be in debt. So does He want me to do this? And how do I know?

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