Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Barbarian Way

I'm at White Dove. Just met someone from the same neck o the woods as I. He even has family in the *ahem* legitmate *ahem* family business that some families enjoy in Jersey. "we's gonna make 'im an offa he can't refuse see?" hehehe....

Coffee shops are like bars in the respect that people often become like family in them, and come to share their stories- the hard and the good. They just don't get drunk. Sometimes they come in drunk, but they don't become drunk here. I love to listen to people (some may call it eavesdropping, but I think it's more of a love of people and learning about them..... lol). Right now I'm listening to a total optimist have a conversation with a hopeless pessimist and a a couple of friends talking about their hunting techniques.

I learn so much about people here. Personalities and lifestyles can be so different, but somehow people are still able to understand one another. Isn't that incredible? On some level, everyone can relate. I believe that. What's really special, I think, is that it is the deeper levels on which we are able to relate, and it seems to me to be the shallow levels on which we can't understand. Mostly. Blanket statements are hard to make.

My roommate and I had a neat convo the other day about personality differences. We are very different from each other. I have always been more on the reserved side when it comes to my emotions, and I'm not touchy-feely really. She is the opposite. She is more like my sister in that way, and it's funny because her sister is very much like me.

Actually, most of my sisters are more like her than they are like me. It kind of makes it hard for me to relate, especially since I'm in a different city too.

On a different note, I was thinking the other day about this blog, and I don't think I realized how much more I show of myself on here, which makes me kinda nervous lol... It's good though, cause I am more reserved. It's good to have a place I'm not reserved. Sometimes not enough maybe? hmm.

Around people conversation stays so shallow. I've noticed that too lately. That's not always a bad thing, maybe. It's necessary to rest your mind. It's like watching tv after a long day of classes. It's nice. Yes, I just said that watching tv is nice. Sometimes. But, I don't watch it very often, and I still think it's really bad for kids. They don't need to rest their minds, hopefully.

I would like to do something. Something like quitting school for a while. Til I'm 21 and can get a grant again. But I'm not going to. You know why? Cause I want to work. So wierd, I know. School's alright. I love to learn from my brilliant professors, I do. Maybe I have a problem with commitment haha! Just kidding. I have a problem with commitment to classes for 3 months. I like freedom. I'm an American college age kid. I would like to take off a leave when I feel the urge. I would like to travel to different countries and to see what I haven't seen to learn things I can't learn here. Oh my, how irresponsible that would be! (said in my very best pompous english accent, and for a visual picture an old lady sipping tea and frowning upon me over her eye glasses in a very imperious manner). I hear that pk's go through a time of irresponsibility before settling down and joining the drudgery of the grind. But, you see, I am not planning on ever joining any drudgery. Ever.

So, now that I've worried my mother to a frazzle, it's time to go. haha.... I'm going to go live my life the way God tells me to. I can only imagine what that might mean.

the way of the barbarians... (such a good book by the way! the Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus. Go read it.)


joannmski said...

Hi there Hannah! I am a cyber friend of your mom's. This was a great post, I have to say.

I am more on the reserved side too, and more exposing on my blog than I'm sure I should be. But people gotta know you somehow, right?

If I were there, I would also be doing the eavesdropping and fascinated by the people. Sometimes eavesdropping is so much better than conversing.

Well anyway, nice to meet you!

Crickl's Nest said...

Very funny.

So....what if God WANTS you to settle down to some
drudgery some day....for a time? Hmmm, indeed...I
tried to warn you about making statements in your 20's
that you'll look back on and say, "oh, man, I wish I
had never said that". But then you wouldn't be
normal....so oh well. It will give me something to
mock you about forever...so thank you really. ;)

Love ya

Hannah said...

Thank you for your comment Joann! I am glad I'm not the only one revealing myself to the world online ;)...

And mom- what I meant, was that no matter what I am doing in life, I am not planning on it being drudgery. I am planning on enjoying or at least completely living every minute of it, and I hope to never stop having an adventure with God- settled down or not. So there. hehe