Saturday, June 30, 2007

Socialism solved

I recently learned an interesting fact about presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. According to the Village Voice, she was one of the fist women to serve on the Board for (drumroll please....) our friendly, local business-squashing, foreign child labor employing Wal-Mart. Interesting.

I was talking to a friend who may have solved my socialism dilemma. He is a hardcore democratic socialist, but, not politically. Let's see if i can explain this without totally butchering it. He explained that there is a difference between a worldview and a political view. A worldview can be idealistic. A political view has to be realistic. Now that workings of a worldview start out small scale. To change the world you have to start from the bottom up, starting at the top to make a change will only trap people into a worldview that they don't agree with.

It's so simple, I always feel somewhat stupid for not realizing these things from the beginning. At least now I have it straight in my head. I think realizing that difference between a worldview and how you vote politically makes all the difference.

So, I can vote how I think the government should be run on the large scale without conflicting with my "ideals". Thinking about it, that is how the early church operated. They were a socialist community on a small scale and changed the world by staying on that scale, without conflicting the church and state. Until Constantine legalized them. Then the church became the government. That is what birthed so many of the shameful acts in the history of Christianity right there. The Crusades. Need I say more? and that's not even going into the recent junk.

Anyways... I'm at work now, so I'm going to go.

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