Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm in a mood. I'm ready to pick up and take off somewhere. It;s not really that bad. It's just been a grey day; a dickens-esque sort of day. I think everyone who called in today at work felt the same way, cause they were all in a bad mood. Well, most of the people who call in are anyways (property management), but today it was worse. And traffic was awful. Maybe I'll go get my ears pierced or smthing since I can't very well run away.

I went to a Jimmy Eat World show last night. It was great. The band that opened was pretty amazing too, they're called the Stiletto Formal. My friend's brother is in it. It's fun to go to shows like that, the crowd gets really into it. They sold out Prochnow..

I stopped taking the iron again, going to see how I do. It was making me feel funny.

I read a biography on Amelia Earhart. I hadn't known she was a Social Worker.. She worked in the settlement houses that Jane Hull began. They were some pretty amazing women.

Got to go run errands (bleh). Oh, I got the new Sufjan Stevens cd. It's the extra stuff from his Illinois album, and it's about his past. There's this slightly off key guitar that comes through at certain points that symbolizes the way the past sometimes interrupts or invades the present. It's very good.


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