Tuesday, November 06, 2007


ratatouille anyone? now i'm thinking in a french accent. oui oui.

i'm almost through the FDR biography. WWII is almost over, so tomorrow i'm borrowing a friend's movie about hitler called Max. supposed to be good. we'll see if i get through it though. same with the book. this author would be good at writing text books. can we say dry? but very informative. and biased. against eleanor. the woman had to put up with a lot, he needs to cut her some slack.

christmas is approaching. i mean, thanksgiving... and veteran's day. (which i have off :)) while i was in OK i was looking through some old photo albums and happened upon an old letter my great-grandfather (whom i never met. Togo Lord.) wrote a few days after Pearl Harbor. Apparently he was stationed there and was on the ground looking for ammo to shoot down planes with. My aunt on the other side o the family was telling me a couple of weeks ago that my grandpa's brother also took part in WWII. he was one of the soldiers killed in the Philippines.

it's humbling to me.

christmas is approaching and the weather is at a steady 70 and sunny. something in this picture is a little off. they're predicting a dry year for snow. hello fire restrictions.

my life is approaching. i feel kind of guilty, like i'm just sitting around watching it pass by. and answering phones. but that's ok, because God hasn't moved me yet. and it's still warm enough to keep the door open. so i sit and stare at the narnia-world from my desk and marvel at those walking about in freedom beyond it. if they only knew what they had. *sigh*

sleepy time. blessings.

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