Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time (Oh how I love? thee)

You know how everyone always raves about the way other countries have no concept of time? I have always thought that might be nice, not to feel the rush and stress of time constantly pushing you forward as you find yourself reeling into the universe at the speed of.. Time. The second hand has always managed to produce a very subtle tinge of mockery, and the minute hand is wrought with full blown sarcasm. I've often stared into the face of a clock helpless and bewildered. But now, now I have a new perspective. I am an American, there is no escaping this. My culture has taught me to respect these ticking instruments. It has taught me that others respect it as well. Or they should. And now I, who have admired those who can live in another dimension than Time, find myself frustrated, annoyed, incredulous when others do not pay homage to this beast of a thing.

Calendars, clocks, day planners, cell phones, all lay claim on me. Some day... some day I will rid myself of these constraints and fly free!

wish me luck.

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mmichele said...

a new name and no explanation?

come on.