Friday, July 21, 2006

granola among other things

I am at home getting some much needed peace of mind and waiting for my mom to find a recipe so we can make some granola, mmm....

I have decided the weather has decided to taunt us all summer. When I wake up, I look out the window, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?! Clouds, beautiful clouds.. and I happily get in the shower with hopes of a cool day, and then I get out. And the sun is shining, mocking me with its bright burning face, and not a cloud in sight. An hour later it's once again cloudy... You can see where this is going. For all you who doubt my veracity, you've obviously never lived in Flag.

I was at the coffee house the other day talking to Nick (fellow barista) and Pastor Steve. We got into one of those deep-waitgivemeaminutetoprocessthat discussions.. I love those. I couldn't help thinking, isn't it wonderful when people of different backgrounds and "religous personalities"-for lack of a better word- can share with each other the different things God has chosen to share with each of them about Himself! Pastor Steve is an extreme charismatic, Nick, so I am told, is an emo-hippi (Yea, I didn't know they existed either..) and I am.. whatever you would choose to label me. That's how it should be.. why the segregation?

God has so many different aspects, there is always more to discover, and a huge way to discover more of Him is through what He does through other people.

Lol, my mom just found a site called Our Daily Granola.. Amazing..

Well folks, it's time to do something.. read a book, watch a movie, make some granola, etc. Be Blessed and seek Him!

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