Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I just finished reading a book called Escape From Slavery by Francis Bok. It's very good. He is one of the victims of the genocide in Sudan, something that too few people actually know about. I've been learning about the Sudanese people for a couple of years now. I heard one of the Lost Boys speak at Acquire the Fire 2 years ago, and that was the first I'd heard of the atrocities being committed in that country. if you do not know their story, you need to. Francis Bok was 7 years old on the day the "soldiers" attacked his town. It was his first trip to the marketplace to sell eggs without his mother. He saw smoke rising from his village and then heard the tapping of bullets zipping through the market. He was forced to stand there until all of the men were killed. The women and children (of which he was a part) were forced to begin a long journey to slavery. He saw people get the legs cut out from under them if they cried for their families.

He was taken to be the slave of a man and his family. The children played a game with him. It consisted of beating him with sticks and taunting him with names he couldn't then understand.

He eventually escaped and was chosen for replacement to the United States and now he speaks out against slavery around the country. There are 27 million slaves in the world today, and many of them are here in the U.S. We know about the terrorists in the middle east, but the intense genocide and slavery issues of Africa have slipped by unnoticed. Only now are we beginning to learn about the Lost Boys, and the Invisible Children. The website http://www.iAbolish.com has more information including a journal and photos from a trip made to Sudan. It's very good, and I would encourage you to look at it. God bless!

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