Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blood Water Foundation

Well, thank goodness (literally), my ranting and raving moods are strong but pretty short. always gone in the morning. Who could be upset when there's a whole big blue world above you when you wake up. I think I know what the problem was-- it was raining when I woke up that morning. (lol I don't actually think that, but it's interesting anyhow!) I mean, I love the rain, I do. Especialy in th afternoons when I occasionally have a moment to curl up with a book (War and Peace again at the moment btw) and a cup of warm goodness. But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

Lainee and I had kind of a culture night tonight. It was gads of fun, we did henna (on my right foot/some leg and right below my collar bone) so right now I'm sitting here wrapped in toilet paper so it won't rub off.. We also had some good cous cous (thanks Risa) and cucumber and whatnot, and we watched an independent/foreign film called the Syrian Bride. It was very very good. I don't think I've ever watched a movie in a foreign language before (there were subtitles). It was all about a girl from Israel getting married to a man from Syria whom she'd never met. The thing is, once you cross that border, you cannot ever cross again. She had to leave her family. It was fascinating and sad to watch their culture.

Somewhat on that topic, I've semi-decided (cause I'm nervous, not a true barbarian yet-- Erwin McManus book) to fundraise to get the money to build a well in Africa. It's 1000 dollars to build a well, and you can give an African clean water for a whole year on just one dollar. Kinda puts things in a new perspective eh? Soo I need help with ideas for how to do this. I think I'm going to do it through the Blood Water ministry with Jars of Clay. I'd really like to fundraise in a way that catches people's attention fro Africa though. Also, of course, for God's love. I really do think that christians should care for people with a passion beyond that of nonchristians, and that includes physical needs. In fact, i also believe that we aren't really caring for people if we aren't at least trying to care for their physical needs along with their other ones, spiritual being of the utmost importance of course. But why should people believe we care if we are not trying to help? So anyways, please share your ideas with me! And remember to pray for Africa; at LEAST Sudan's actually been in the news recently, but it's not good news. And here's a few websites about it you can check out....

Enjoy your day, may it be full of blessings!

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