Saturday, September 16, 2006

I will give you rest

It's been awhile I think.. Sorry mom ;). I've been kinda busy, but it's been a good few weeks! I have to say, God has blessed me with an abundance of Joy this week! Maybe because of the change in the weather, maybe just because He is good. In any case, Praise God for who He is!

I was remembering a time a few years ago, when a friend, out of the blue, asked me why I love Jesus. I can't remember what I said at that time. I'm constantly learning so much about God, I've only scratched the surface and there is so much more to Him than I know. There is so much more to know, I wish I could get several of the wise people I know together so I could listen to them talk. That's part of what I love about the coffee shop where I work. People are constantly coming in telling their stories and I'm learning so much just being at work :)

I began going over in my mind all the things that I would say now, all of the things God is, all the things He's made.. The weather these past couple days reminds me of God's love. I love God because He is a God of beautiful things, the sky,
the stars (out in the middle of no where in the dark when you can see millions of them across the sky)
the ocean-- the steady and powerful rolling of the waves, the smell and taste of it in the air, the wildness of God revealed in it
The trees, especially this time of year, I love the smell of the leaves as they fall
The people. The beautiful people who allow love to inhabit them! The children.. so amazing

God is so many wonderful things.. Doesn't it amaze you that He IS love, joy, peace, etc? He doesn't just have those qualities, they are are Him and He is them. There is so much more... I enjoy these things so much. They are wonderful things showing me a wonderful God, but they do not mean so much as what God speaks to me in my life every day. Sometimes I am better at listening than at others, but I can Rest! in the assurance that He is always there. Isn't rest good? So good.. thank God for Sundays.. those in my heart throughout the week as well as the literal ones.

Hmm I'm not in much of a writing mood tonight I guess (yea, I know, this thing is ridiculously long anyways haha). I have a couple funny work (office this time) stories, but they'll have to wait. This week went by so fast, I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday!

James 1:27

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