Monday, September 25, 2006


Returrrrnnn to meeeeee.... I'm watching a movie! Woohoo!! You know what that means? That means I actually got everything done that I needed to tonight, and I have time to sit back, relax, sleep.. mm sleep... that sounds nice. I think I'll do that next :). I had a good Monday (kinda sounds like an oxymoron eh?). I did though. I had time to make lunch (potatoes and almonds are good together btw), and time to eat it before my next job. I got all my errands done in like an hour after work, and then I came home and put on Home Alone while I finished cleaning (I was in the mood for a christmas movie, and that one seemed appropriate since I am home alone. all by myself. no one else. sad huh?) and did you catch that I finished cleaning?? I did. It was nice. our bible study girls are coming here tomorrow night since Lainee's out of town, and we're having fondu! Yum! I also sang in the shower tonight. I don't ever do that, but I liked it so I think I'll make it a habit. At least my roommate will get some laughs ;). (I sang Christmas songs by the way.. cause Christmas is coming.. it's around the corner... I liek Christmas a lot) And now, I am writing this for no reason at all, and watching Return to Me. Actually I'm not watching it. I put it on so I wouldn't feel so very alone here by myself. Sometimes I liek being alone a lot. this is not one of those times. Ok well, hmm, I think it's time to dry my hair and go to bed! Be God's!

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crickl said...

You should have gotten on your AIM, cuz I had it on waiting for you to turn yours on! *doink*

It sounds like a good always makes me in a good mood to get things done. *looking at my scanky kitchen floor* yeah,

Everyone's asking when you're coming for a visit.....*sad face* ....and I just tell them, while looking down at my shoes, "I don't know....she doesnt' come home anymore. It's sad."

So, have another good day please....I like posts like this cuz I feel like I know what you're doing. =)

Love you!