Friday, October 06, 2006

happy fall

I'm sitting on my couch surrounded by candles :)! I like candles a lot.. they're rather christmasy.. and cozy.. and tonight is cozy night. And I am watching Take the Lead (girl, remember?) and wishing I could dance. I mean, dance like they do. I can dance, but only in my apartment when I'm alone haha. Anyhow..

It's been a good week.. not too busy.. I find that I get addicted to busyness if I'm not careful. I was raised to believe that quietness and stillness are essential and healthy. We weren't allowed to be too busy (thus causing a few fights I think..), and our family vacations consisted of camping in colorado (or northern cali :)) and not doing too much of anything but hiking and going for scenic drives (occasionally up beautiful pass roads bursting with wild flowers and waterfalls, beyond tree line so you could see to the ends of the world). I made it a tradition to bring along a russian author every year. (By the way, I'm making my way through Les Miserables at the moment, and have decided there never was such a man for going off on tangents!! A few are good, but when you forget what the story was about by the time he gets back to it... it's too much man! speaking of tangents lol...) But I do think it's true.. how can we be still and know God if we've lost the ability to be still? And it is an ability. A skill, one honed and refined by practice. I think people in this country have purposely lost that skill in a need to drown something out. Something... something. Instead of a need for stillness there's a need for entertainment. But that is a need that never ends. I had an experience this last week in which I realized my need for entertainement.

I went to see a movie that I'd heard was good, and a christian movie, so I went. It was about the worst acting I've ever seen, not that I can act either... So I left after about 15 minutes. Afterwards God showed me that I cared more about being entertained than about the messages a movie may be projecting. Every movie has them, most are subtle. I would go see a movie bursting with subtle messages, ones tha cause me to be unsatisfied with how I look or who I am or what I have. Notice the I's? But I'll sit and watch them because they're entertaining. well, that was my lesson of the week ha. One of them anyhow. hum well, i need to get some rest for work tomorrow.. be blessed

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