Saturday, October 07, 2006

discovery of the week

I just made an exciting discovery.. I live by a lake! Lol! And I had no idea that it was there until today. Someone told me there was a trail up past our house so i went up looking for it (didn't find it) but I did find a lake. And a pretty view. And a lot of ginormous houses.. and now I know where to go looking at Christmas lights lol.

There's a party or something going on at the park, it looks like fun. They have a huge dance floor set up, and I think they're square dancing lol. And a big blow up bouncy thing. lol... So I'm going to read a book (only I forgot Les Miserables at White Dove... shoot..) and open our back door and listen to the man in the big hat yelling out "now dosie doh" and drink tea. Sounds like a plan. Until Lainee calls and we decide what to do tonight. And then maybe hiking to the inner basin tomorrow with Emily? we'll see.. I want to play in the leaves :)

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