Tuesday, November 28, 2006

snow is here

The first snow of christmas (i think it's already snowed this year, so it's not technically the first snow of the year..), and it's beautiful.. and my smith family is listening to the song from breakfast at tiffany's.. oh dear! is there a sadder song than that?? and with the snow... oh my. ha nevermnd, they're watching the movie.. i can hear mickey rooney yelling at audrey hepburn.

today was.. yea one of those.. do you eer feel like you come across a day that hates you? today hated me.. maybe it's cause i had a bad dream. hmm.. in any case.. it's over now, thank you, and i tried very hard not to hate it back, but didn't always succeed. i hope tomorrow likes me. i'm going to take a hot shower. showers don't hate me. :P

After all, tomorra is, anothah day (in my very best scarlett voice)

by the way, mom, you are not my "lord family" you are my family family. lol. and you will like the beth moore video this week, she talks about her dogs....

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