Friday, December 08, 2006

christmas party! in williams.. hmm fun

Tonight was the BSM christmas party. in Williams. I have tried to be impartial about this seemingly innocent town, but it is impssible. Tonight wasn' so bad though really. We were going to skate on the outdoor rink (well, the group was going to skate. I and a couple other girls were going to get pie.) but when we arrived (we were hte first ones there) it was closing. I did get to see someone i hadn't seen in quite a looong time though. that was nice. So we got pie anyways. When everyone else got to town they decided to get pie as well. Poor Pine Country was invaded by 30 college kids in need of delicous pie... Luckily, being the first ones there, we got the best pies (slices that is). Then we oohed and ahhed at the big tree in the middle of the road. (Oh, sad, sad note.. buff the political dog has passed on. I honestly don't know what Scott the cameraman will do.. they were best friends..)

Then we made our way to the church. Oh yes, the church.. I think there's a new carpet.. but that doesn't matter.. I think I was expecting it to look different. it didn't though. Just the same as all the other years around christmastime. (I did have to show off the bathroom.. an experience of a lifetime..)

The new pastor was there though. Being there, and it looking the same, made me feel rather insignificant to tell the truth. Like all the years that I was involved there didn't make much difference. Those hours with the kids.. I don't think they have that anymore, which makes me sad. I know my dad made a difference, without a doubt, but I was just the pk. That's a cynical point of view eh? But not really. I'm just a person, and only God makes a difference. Who he works through is not the important thing.

We had our gift exchange. The 3 former pk's of FBC (hehe that's me! and courtney and katie) took our picture by the pulpit. It was over, and we left.

So last night it was discovered that there are some beautiful lights at the park by the library. So Emily and I went to the Place for hot chocolate (by the way, Santa Claus was there again!), then off to the park where we proceeded to sit under a gorgeously lit tree and talk and drink hot chocolate and freeze :). And now I'm home, drinking hot tea. and shivering. and wishing i could take a hot shower, but not wanting to go through the hassle. and writing this because for some reason unbeknownst to me, I am not tired yet. I will be soon though. Probably another 5 minutes and i'll be done for. I shall feel the effects tomorrow. *sigh*. But, it's worth it yes? To live. And keep on living. And that's what makes it worthwhile. Moments to talk, to enjoy beauty, to experience Jesus in another friend.

Isn't it amazing?

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crickl said...

Aaah, the tree in the middle of the main roads in town. That was such a strange thing.... And Buff! I heard about his suspicious demise from Carol the other day. Something should be done...that is so wrong! I feel very badly for Scott!

Glad you had a nice evening. We all have colds now....except Dad, who never gets sick, even though he drinks out of my glass. =( It's very Christmassy here in Phx lately! I will ask Becky about that Bethlehem town thing.

Don't worry about not seeing the difference you've made. God knows it and those kids you loved on know it....I still remember the adults in my life when I was that age! It's not really something you can see anyway. Did you meet the pastor? How cool to have 3 former pks from there!!! Who did you see that you knew?

I need a list from you!!!!!