Sunday, January 07, 2007

Matthew 10

Laundry day again. Just ate a delicous hummus sandwich with a warm soy chai. Quite good. Church today was different. We were studying Matthew 10, and this week we all had questions. I like that we are free to ask questions, and i like even more that we try to find the answers, and I like the most that no one there knows everything.

Matthew 10 is the one where Jesus sends the disciples out to the towns to heal and love (in my words). I was wondering, when Jesus gives them the authority to heal, cast out evil, etc, was it just to them that he was speaking, or to all who follow after him? He says the same things to the 72 in Luke 10.

Also, he tells the men that when they enter a house they can give the people peace. If the people of the house are not kind, they can take their peace back. I foret the exact wording. That's the idea though. So I was wondering, are christians able to give peace to people? Like when the 72 come back from wherever they went, and they were amazed because they had power over the spirits. Is that it?

We also talked about ourselves some more as a church, and Treasure (isn't that a neat name? and I saw a little baby girl last night at church named Heiress) brought up our "motto" if you will. It's Following hard after Jesus. It made me think about what I follow hard after. I think I follow after Jesus, though not as hard as I should, and truth, and other things like that. I also follow after self image, comfort, and lots of things like that. What we follow after shapes us.

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