Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jim Wallis

I know, two posts in 1 day... Make her stop!!! I'm not making you watch this though. It's kinda interesting.. ever heard of Jim Wallis, author of 'God's Politics' ? The other guy I've never heard of, but the name calling is a bit ridiculous yea? And, I've never heard evangelical democrats arguing. And I've been studying it. hmmm... I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't like name calling and lying, but I could be wrong.... Of course, I did notice that Jim Wallis was kinda putting down right wingers as well, so it's on both sides. AND the sanctity of human life is ver important however it does not stop after birth. Children out of the womb ARE just as important as those still in the womb. Not very consistent are we? well, let me know what you think. there were a bunch more videos of him on YouTube. And God is not on any particular side of politics. What is important is that we try to do what He said to do. AND if God is not on the right OR the left, why is it so wrong for Jim Wallis to say he's in the middle?? SOrry, I just don't like the other guy much. He doesn't make any sense to me. If you're going to care about sanctity for human life, be consistent! and read your bible... my goodness... I need to go to bed.... I do really like what Wallis had to say. We'll see though. Actions speak louder, yea? So what's this guy doing for the poor? Maybe I'll look him up.

I forgot to mention a quote my friend told me. He went to this conference somewhere in the midwest, and the speaker said that the people of the 21st century are going to be listening with their eyes. I guess they're tired of listening with their ears. Speech doesn't mean much these days. They're not going to believe a thing that's said unless they can see it lived out too. Or maybe just lived out, like St. Francis said, "Share the gospel at all times, only use words when necessary."

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