Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It's as if I'm a binge blogger or something. All at once and then nothing at all. Take in all the ideas, think about them for a while, then spit them out at you. Ok, so maybe that's not a very attractive way of stating it, but, it's what came first to mind...

I'm excited about a couple of things that I wanted to share (and I'll have to keep it short cause I have Perspectives in a minute..)

I heard 2 people talking about orthopraxi today in two completely different settings. How exciting, yea? For those of you who don't know wha orthopraxy is (like me before today..) it's orthodoxy in practice I guess. Walk the talk, you know? I love it when you start hearing about the same thing from different people, it's a neat way to see the work of I AM.

The other exciting thing, I get to witness the strength of the Lord in people. It's incredible, I wasn't there for the beginning, but I get to see it closer to the end (although, technically there's not an end). I get to watch God pour His healing and mercy into a few people's lives, and it's so encouraging to me, I can't tell you. Maybe because the situations I've been around for in the past haven't turned out this way, at least not yet. It's my dream mom. (I'll tell you about my dream some other time if you don't know, no time today..)

Well, it's been a good day. Go put some theology into practice!


crickl's nest said...

Oh no! you blew up a building?? They have internet in prison?? heehe

Hannah said...

yea, that took me a few minutes to figure out... lol! no, i did not blow up a building. it was symbolic. goodness... and who knows, maybe they do have internet in prison since it costs over a hunndred dollars to keep people there for a day... i hope our homeless are getting the money's worth.