Thursday, February 01, 2007

what a concept

What a busy week! It's the hardest thing to slow down when you need to when everything that's going on is so good. That's my lesson of the month. Slow down... just say no!

Part of it (BIG part), of the busyness, is in my mind. I have a couple of classes that are so interesting, but somewhat mind-consuming, and I tend to go over and over and over things in my head once I hear something. I over-analyze, not tht you've noticed that on here haha..

You've been getting political blogs outta me because of my Policy and Legislation class, as well as a book I recently read called the Irresistible Revolution. I'm also in a class on fundamentalism called Recent Trends in Religion. That's a thinking class as well, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Everyone in the class is interested in the topic, which always makes a class ten times better. The instructor is very good, and challenging, and I like being challenged. The only problem, as I have stated, is that I over-analyze, so I like to hve a while to think over ideas and when there's so much to process every week I get into over-drive mode. Then I get tired.

And thus the state I am in right now. My body is rebelling against busyness, physically and mentally. Last night I spent some time reading psalm 94 and it was so good. It was the perfect thing for me to read, and after that I felt the weariness lift right off of me. It was amazing. And just in time for bed haha..

So, I got a revelation this morning :), that this world is not my home. That it will never be perfect (ideal), and that I need to chill out.

I'm also taking a class outside of NAU called Perspectives (highly recommended), and heard an interesting thing I don't think I'd heard before (although I could have, and just didn't process it). Missions exists because worship doesn't. hmmm... Why were we created? To worship, to be with God and to glorify Him in all His goodness. (what is the chief end of man....) What good are we unless we are doing that and helping others to do it? It is in that that there is rest for the soul.

God always said lif would be hard on earth, but He also always promises rest in Him. (Second half of the lesson.) So go worship the Lord and get some rest!

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