Tuesday, January 23, 2007

what to do about economy?

I am on my roommate's computer, and there's all this sweet stuff I can do to my blog on this one. I thought websites were the same regardless of the type of computer. wierd..

In my policy and legislation class this morning we "discussed" the differences between conservatives and liberals. (Yes, I am entering the realm of politics today. I'm confused, that's my excuse.) In an ideal world, I would vote with conservatives on the side of economics. I hate the thought of giving the government more control than it already has. I love the idea of people taking care of one another.
One girl in the class said that if public schools (or education in general) were not mandatory, our society would go to ruin. I think that's true since we live in a country where minimum wage does not cut it and you can't get higher pay without a degree let alone a highschool diploma. I think it's already going to ruin though. As part of the discussion, to show the "conservative" (I don't think many conservatives actually think this way, but I could be wrong sadly), the professor took the role of a rich businessman with no kids. He complained about having to pay for education and other services when he himself did not use them.
That's why I think our society is headed to ruin. Self focus. Selfishness in general. A lack of concern for others. How can we possibly exist as a unified country full of self-serving people?

So I sat there wondering whether we are feeding this mentality by giving responsibility for the poor to the government. It becomes their responsibility. Out of sight, out of mind. Flagstaff has made it a crime to be homeless. We actually pay 3 times as much money to put them in jail as we would to put them in a hotel. That, or we simply load them onto a bus and cart them off to Tucson.
So, what do you think? (By the way, when I ask questions, I do really want answers, which I never really get on here... hint hint) Is it better to forget about ideals and go with reality? Should we keep giving the government control, thereby creating a standby effect among the people? Or, is it too late, and is government control not as bad as I think? Or is it an impossible situation? Maybe it is. Society never used to rely on the government for schools, charity, even police force. It used to be service given to people by the church and private charities. I think that is the only way we can help giving the governement more responsibility. The church has to follow the heart of our God. She has to, or nothing will ever change.

Welfare sets people up to fail, not always, but generally. Necessary evil? I am supported by the government. I have grant which enables me to go to school. I've been on access before, though I'm not currently. I'm not advocating no government involvement. It is necessary. I am advocating for the love of people by those called to it, namely those who call themselves followers of Jesus. So do I vote with conservative economists or liberal economists? Well, liberal. People need help. If people weren't sinful, I'd be a socialist. lol....

Hmm so God is good, snow is beautiful, and people are wonderful. I thought I'd end on a happier note. I really am happy, and I really love my class(es I have another facinating one on fundamentalism...) Sorry if my blogs are heavy!

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