Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I wish!

I wish....

I wish Flagstaff smelled like orange blossoms like Phoenix does right now.
I wish I had a degree.

I take the last wish back, and wish I could see the person who invented college degrees. We'd have some words. Also the guy (oh yea, must've been a guy) who made it mandatory to take a bunch of classes that have nothing to do with my major.
I wish for a house to start a community in sunnyside.
I wish I could wish for world peace.
I wish politicians were honest.
Oh, and I wish I could fly.

Here is my wish list. Remember that story about the man in Africa who didn't want anything because he had everything he needed? Well, he had obviously never been to America. Americans have a LOT more needs than people in other countries. Trust me. I need a flushing toilet, hot shower, microwave, cell phone, and car for starters. Oh yes, that's just the beginning of my list of needs. There is more to life than food and family! That's why I need so much. You forgot about me, you see. Life is about me, and I'm sorry there's people out on the streets cold and hungry, but that just isn't as important as my coffee.

You may think I'm just trying to make a point, but if we live the way we believe, then isn't all of that true?

God loves to bless us, but it's not about us. God gives me blessings, but they're not for me. My blessings are for everyone around me.

I need pita pit, but people in Africa, oh they only need a bag of rice. I need a nice warm bed, but that homeless man needs a shelter. (Not putting down shelters, by the way.) I.... need Jesus. And I have found the common need. That's the starting point.

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