Friday, April 27, 2007


I'm takin a break (from cleaning, that is). I'm hosting (hostessing?) Bethany's wedding shower tomorrow afternoon. I even cleaned the windows, and if you'd seen my windows you'd know that this has been quite a task. The de-cluttering took the longest though. Our stuff was starting to make me feel claustrophobic. That's the best I can do at describing it.

I haven't even gotten past the kitchen and living room yet. Oy.

The weather today was lovely.

Nickel Creek was amazing, by the way... It was their first time in Flagstaff. The Orpheum was packed, of course, and we had fun watching a totally high guy dance like mad (for about 5 minutes, and then he was annoying. Nickel Creek is not a moshing-crazy dancing type of band.)

I've been asked to share about the Irresistible Revolution at my church on Sunday. Marc (the "pastor" teacher-leader) and Lainee (apostle-leader) just read it and liked it a lot.

My church doesn't have a formal pastor position. It's led by five people, or will be soon, an apostle, a teacher, an evangelist, a pastor, and one more that I can't remember. No paid staff. No building. We meet in a rec center in the middle of a government housing neighborhood. That way, we can use our money to help people. I like it a lot. So, the book is something I think our church should read. We are embarking upon something new, and we don't quite know how to do it, but that's good. With no pre-conceived ideas God is free to do what He wants.

So, the book is about living for others, mostly the poor and oppressed. It's about living simply, the importance of community, leaving behind a self-seeking life and living a truly humble one. One devoted to other people.

I got the book for christmas, and I read the whole thing that day. Yes, it was that good. Kinda similar to Blue Like Jazz, but he delves deeper.

Ok, I really should get back to cleaning. My window is open and the kids across the street are playing ring around the rosie :).

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