Thursday, April 05, 2007


There is a fundraiser for genocide victims at the Art Walk on Friday... if you're in the area.

I saw a friend last night who knew Chris, my friend who died, who was able to tell me a few things... He died on a trip with his church, sharing with the Havasupai tribe in the canyon. The people in the tribe have seen more than one death, being in the canyon, and they were amazed at the way the church handled Chris's death. Fifteen people from the tribe decided to become God's children, and one lady even came to Chris's funeral and spoke a little. Praise Him.

She did also tell me that she doesn't think the reality and all has really hit everyone yet, so be in prayer for them.

I was talking to a friend the other day about heaven and eternity, and how heaven isn't a very clear idea for us. Sometimes I think we (I know I do) make the mistake of thinking we'll get used to it after a while, and it is usually portayed a somewhat boring and stiff in media and whatnot. What I think is amazing though, is that God is so wonderful, He is joy itself, and he is limitless. There really is no limit to His love and joy. Every moment we spend with Him is new, and greater.

The only way I can think of to describe it is like the end of the Chronicles of Narnia series. The children are in "heaven" (and really, I love that idea of heaven. running and playing with the King in the beauty He created!) and the further in that they go, the better and more real it becomes. Our senses here are dulled and limited. In heaven we won't have those limits, and we will only be able to sense everyting more clearly as time passes.

That is my limited idea of heaven.


crickl's nest said...

Oh man, you will love the last dvd session of Daniel. She talks about this stuff too....more about how the new earth will be than Heaven, but the same jist....more real.

I'm so glad Chris's death brought those people to know Christ! Wow! He probably went, praying, "Use me Lord to bring people to know You." And God did. I am praying for his friends and family whenever I think of them....which has been often.

meggan said...

hi hannah!

i was just reading a few days back, and i read your post about being hot or cold, just not lukewarm. i heard the most interesting take on that verse a few years ago that has really stuck with me. the whole idea of being cold is not necessarily a stone coldness of the heart, but in those days, to have truely cold water was refreshing. hot water was healing, cold water was refreshing but lukewarm was just, ugh, tepid water. i've always thought that was interesting. of course, that says nothing about moving us out of the lukewarm times, but anyway...