Sunday, April 01, 2007


I just got back from hiking and I'm all covered up in dust. Am I going to shower? nah. too lazy.. it's Flagstaff..

My roommate and I went to Jerome yesterday after a nice breakfast. I like saturday breakfasts.. They're a good start to the day. We met some interesting people, and, more importantly, found the good coffee place. I had usually gone to a place that was kinda fun to visit at, but the coffee was less than desirable. LAst time I was there we sat and discussed the many reasons Starbucks is no bueno with the owner and a big harley riding guy. It was fun. This place is better though, much better, and cheaper, and cuter, and the owners are friendly too.

We got a disposable camera since I still haven't found the cord to my digital.... so I'll put pictures up soon.

We drove back through Sedona and Oak Creek, and remembered why we love Arizona. (I think it mostly has to do with the blue skies and the big mountains).

You know, there's a lesson to learn in every situation, and we always learn one. SOmetimes, maybe even most times, the wrong lesson is learned. If the wrong lesson is learned, the right one is still there waiting, but it takes many more steps and more time. We watched Anna and the King the other night, and she is talking about her husband's death. The King tells her that life is suffring, but that there is always a way to grow through the suffering. Anna tells him that maybe she would have preferred a different lesson to learn, and he replies that Yes, but then you would not be where you are now, changing the world.

Well, time to go.. dinner at Lainee's... steak burritos :D oh yea

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I wrote a post honoring some 'thinking bloggers' tonight and included YOU. Go check it out!

Love you very much!