Wednesday, June 06, 2007

lectio divina

Slow down - motto of the week(s). Slow down and simplify. Be rid of excess, excess noise (in my car, at home), excess dependencies, excess busyness. Simplify and quit tryin to prove something to the world. They go hand in hand, all three. Why do I have excess whatever? Usually I'm trying to prove something. If not to other people, maybe to myself until I become something completely unlike me.

It's a process.

So, awesome thing. I went to a bible study with a friend that is starting this summer with two older women in the Vineyard church. It's way different from normal bible studies, it's a process called lectio divina (I think), which means divine reading. Basically, one person reads a verse or two out loud and then there is silence and you allow God to speak through what is read. THen you share (Shortly) if you like. There's a little more to it, but that's the gist o the thing. I really like it. She (leader) said it was a process used in monasteries years and years ago. It is necessary to be able to be still (physically and mentally) and meditate on the word.

WHat good timing eh?

The two ladies we met with talked about their process in letting go of their grown (growing) up children. It helped me to appreciate what it must be like, to have a child apart from you living a separate life. I'll try to visit phoenix more :).

I watched a poker game tonight and still have no idea how it works. hm.

Off to bed! very sleepy this week! today i was picturing myself melting into the carpet and staying there for about a week. i don't know why, i just felt so tired that i felt like doing that. that sounds funny out loud. nevermind.


crickl's nest said...

Blah! I just commented but hit the back my comment is gone!

Ummm, so the carpet? You need more iron!

Phoenix is always glad to see you! And the Bible study sounds nice, as long as you're grounded in the whole Bible. (kwim??)

Michele said...

hey! we do l.d. as well. love it... so peaceful and without all the self indulgent talking... (not that talking is always bad or anything.)