Saturday, June 09, 2007


I came, I saw, I conquered.

I was up at 5:30 AM today (and the sun was already up! I feel like I've been missing half of all my days by sleeping til 8. And then I remember that I'm sleeping when I miss it, and as much as I enjoy days, I love sleep.) We went yard-saling. It was great, I'd never been before. Some of our associations at work (property management) were having their annual yard sales. Pretty much, whole neighborhoods have yard sales on the same day. Fantastic. One of my friends declined joining us, remarking that yard sales were paying money to take someone else's junk and make it your own. A very pessimistic view. I know, simplify right? But I got books. I think that's allowed. Especially books about St. Francis and C.S. Lewis. Ok, so I got a tea set (and may I add, an amazing green Japanese tea set at that), and a couple sweaters (it still gets cold here at night) and flower pots (I'm turning my back patio area into a garden) and a frisbee (everyone needs one, and I've already put it to use).

Hey, I like what I got, and I'm going to put it to use, so I feel alright about this. I'll get rid of some of my old stuff this weekend to compensate.

I then went to the senior living center to paint nails and met a wonderful spitfire of a lady named Mary. She had bright pink crocs on :) and teased everyone around. I asked if she had any kids and she said yes, and thank goodness they're not the clingy type. Haha! DOn't get me wrong, she said it half seriously and she loves em to death. I just thought I'd mention the fact, you know, to make some mothers *cough feel like there will come the day they too will say stuff like that. Light at the end of the tunnel, if you will. lol.

During the summer in Flagstaff there are all sorts of events downtown at night; salsa dancing, art walks, and movies at the square. Every friday night they show a movie at heritage square for families. It's always so fun to sit and watch a movie (last night was the Princess Bride) outside with fun flagstaff-ey families and little kids running around, the smell of popcorn and cotton candy, etc. I love it!

Then of course, the open mic nights at the tea house and the slams at the coffee bean. The mountains also looked incredible today. I think the nice weather makes everything seem so much better. I'm bummed though, my back is bothering me again and I can't hike as much as I'd like. We did pass the frisbee around some today, but even that bothered me. argh.

I should get some sleep now... it's been a long day-week. I love sundays.


crickl's nest said...

Wish you could go see Dr B! I'm sorry your back is hurting you. Do you know what is brining it on?

It sounds like a wonderful day to me too. (except for the 5:30am part) Princess Bride is a perfect movie for the square!

Dad's gone this week....blah I'm all whiney today ....annoying myself to bits.


e-Mom said...

I love Arizona! (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Grand Canyon.) We didn't stay long in Flagstaff, but it sounds fantastic. I love salsa dancing and art, and summer. sorry you're not feeling too well today. :~)

(BTW, thank you for putting my name on your blogroll.)