Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I've been so blessed lately, I love to come together with people and have random church services. Maybe that's the wrong word, because all we really do is talk about God, and God things, and how they play out in real life. We've gotten to pray for each other, encourage each other, offer wisdom and accept wisdom. It's so powerful to be the Church outside of the church.

Last night, for example, emily and I had a bunch of people over for cookies and whatnot and something brought up one person's convictions. A seemingly small thing, but it's often small things that really grate against our conscience. It's so good for us to be able to share our convictions with one another, especially when we don't all agree.

For one thing, God's children need to keep one another in mind, as loving brothers and sisters always should. For another, we can always learn from each other. Another friend very wisely said, God places things on our hearts to help others to grow. By mentioning our convictions, we can help others to grow, so long as it is done without pride.

This is going to sound odd, but another way I was so blessed last night, was that while a few of us were praying for someone, my car was being vandalized. Maybe I should've said that the other way around. It's strange, but, to know that God always has perfect timing... Maybe I needed that before I found out what had happened.

Yes my poor car has been through a lot lately. Thankfully, all they did was bust a couple windows. My tires and the rest of the car was fine. Mostly everyone stayed safe. That's most important. It was a disturbing sight though, to see my poor car sitting there with all the doors and the trunk open wide, with the windows shattered..

Well, I have to go, I'm supposed to be home right now (oops) fro foreign movie night :).


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