Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm at work right now, I got to open today instead of close. A couple older men are sitting up front having their coffee and papers. One just told me that "the obvious is overlooked and the innocent always suffer." I replied, Well that's a wonderful phrase to start the day with. (In my head)

Now he's reading the paper, and apparently the article is on the school. He thinks it strange that the kid in the picture could get an A with his feet only halfway in his shoes and all. But, it's better than the flip flops some of 'em wear, the ones that are failing that is. Yes, yes, it's a mystery to me, I tell him. I suppose there are many obstacles to be overcome in education these days. OK, I didn't really say that either.

But I wanted to.

Conviction is the topic of the week. It is so refreshing to be around people with convictions, whether I agree with them or not. It's good to know when people care about something. It's good to know there are things worth believing. Really believing, faith believing, you know? Like, they do things differently because of their belief.

Facing out of the windows in the front of the shop is Mt Elden, and the Peaks are to the side a little farther off. I love it, facing this huge wall of mountain and trees, especially when it's cloudy. I'm sitting and looking at this mountain in front of me.. It's so much easier to sit and look at mountains than it is to climb them, especially when you're forging your own trail.

Does God ask us to sit and look sometimes? I think so, but it doesn't make much sense. To me.

In blogger world people talk, ponder, visit, escape... In real world we do the same thing. Mostly. And mostly I think it's not good. Right now, though, God's asking me to do that. So here I sit, looking at this mountain (it really needs to be climbed). The nations are crying out.

I'm not very patient.

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