Sunday, October 21, 2007


We started work on a community garden today. We got permission to turn a lot in back of the coffee shop into one. Today we cleared junk and weeds. There were a lot of weeds. And junk. We found disco balls. And skis. And like 7 desks. It was great.

It's so refreshing to actually DO something that we always talk about doing.

Afterwards we had story time (Hans Christian Anderson) and drank coffee and ate strawberry cheesecake.

I feel like I got some rest last weekend, in Oklahoma. We went to a Regatta race on the river which was fun and made me wish I were cool and in shape and could row a boat like them. But I'm not and I can't. It was still fun.

I feel like God is constantly surrounding me with extremely hurting people. I love them to death, but sometimes I get so tired. Which makes me feel selfish. I'm still not very good at giving that burden to God. It sounds funny, doesn't it, to need to give other people's pain to God... Sometimes I wonder if I should be a social worker, but I think it'd be worse to live and purposely not get involved in people when they're going through hard things, not to do anything to help. I guess I could help without being a sw lol..

I wonder if all the world is like this, if there aren't people who are just happy. Some people seem to be that way, but that is probably because it takes a while before you can see that far into a person's life.

It's so important and yet so hard to remember that people act the way they do because of their past. I think we'd all be a lot more understanding if we knew what was going on inside each other. I think I would.

We all assume so much. It's easier that way, I think. I like doing things sometimes to throw people off. Kinda fun.

I should get some sleep. Blessings.

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