Tuesday, October 23, 2007

this week...

Tonight I was vulnerable. And I decided, I don't like being vulnerable. It's a little uncomfortable actually.

But good.

Yesterday at work a couple of the guys were up front and we got to talking about politics which led into religion. One of them is a christian, pretty conservative, etc. The other is an 'I-don't-care-what-you-think-as-long-as-you-don't-mess-with-others', anarchist, yet middle of the road (businessman-conservative, moral-liberal). I don't think I classify as anything at this point. One of the managers likes to call me a communist. I think because I'm studying social work and I read books about Eleanor Roosevelt. It actually is pretty far from the truth. Truthfully, the government scares me half to death, and I'd really rather it didn't gain more power. But, I think our country should take care of its own. As to how those two go together? Beats me. Actually I think the states should have more individual power. Not a lot, but I think if something needs to be done, it should more often be done on a small scale.

Our office is pretty diverse in that respect. There are a couple of flamin liberals (I think I've been placed in that category since they don't know what else to do with me), a few middle of the roaders, and a couple of staunch (and fiery) conservatives. A nonreligious Jew, a christian jew, a fiery mexican christian, a catholic, a few nonreligious, a lesbian, and me. They usually avoid political conversations like the plague for the safety of all involved. lol. But every couple of weeks one of those chain emails will appear on the white board making fun of a political party. Usually democrats, since they're outnumbered.

it is interesting to say the least.

It's black tie week at the coffee shop. Yup, shirt and tie. Or dress. I found a dress at the thrift store for the occasion. Coffee making can get messy. We're also having a chili cook-off at the office on friday. Yee-haw. Yippie kai-ay. All that stuff. Only I think the music selection shall be confined to some hip hop. The boss is in charge of music. There will most likely be tequila, which means whoever's left that afternoon will be in a great mood. I like it when they're in good moods.

We will be holding the first sock wrestling tournament this weekend. The guys have their poker nights, we get sock wrestling. Should be good.

Need sleep. Blessings.

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