Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gandhi and my ears

Well I decided that since I can't actually go anywhere, I got my ears pierced. First time. I got a few funny looks when I came in to get my ears for the first time and already had a nose ring. hehe.

I feel a little better now. but my feet still itch.

And the other template was too dark. I felt emo (ish), and dark and scary. I don't really go for the whole dark/scary thing. I might be ok with dark/mysterious, but that's a lot of effort. So I'm back to light.

I finished the book by the guy who walked across Russia (very interesting). I'm about to start Gandhi, which is only ok if I read it at work because it is not trendy there. Anywhere else in Flagstaff and it'd be completely trendy to read Gandhi. So I'm glad I work at a non-Gandhi-trend-ish place. Cause I really do want to read it. I don't go for the whole trendy thing either (haha, right. Trends are somewhat unavoidable in this world. I just thought I'd say that to look cool, which is also trendy. haha....)



crickl's nest said...

YOur feet STILL itch? Do tell....because I am not up to speed on that situation.

Are your ears hurting? red? infected? cute? ....trennnnndy?

I never read Ghandi....I know you are shocked...but I saw the movie....Ben Kingsley.

Hannah said...

people say "my feet itch" when they want to go somewhere....

just so you know. it's not literal.