Friday, November 16, 2007


You know, the truth is...

Well firstly, I want to live life. I mean, I want to experience and love and learn and I need meaningfulness.

I get the feeling that I'm sitting across from this old clock hanging on a wall. I mean, it's been there forever. You can tell. It's kinda dusty, but someone comes around every so often and brushes it off. So I'm sitting there on this old wooden chair and it's ticking at me. It's definately at me. This clock knows I'm here, and it's letting me know it's there also.

So here's this ticking going off in front of my face and I feel like I'm in some race against it, cause it's gonna stop, and I gotta move outta that chair somehow before it happens.

I don't know if it's going to take 60 years or a day. I'm not so worried about that. I'm worried I won't be able to stand up before it stops.

And I think that in all the other rooms, all the other people must feel the same way, but most people never make it up.

I was asked one of the most heart wrenching things yesterday. "Is it even worth it?" And what can I say? Well, you have a wife and kids. And money. But I know what you mean, because I se that picture in my head and you're in one of those chairs and this dream, illusion, the American way, is passing before your eyes and you can't see that clock. But you can hear it. Oh, buddy, can you hear it. And aside from this illusion you can see, you're still in that chair. And nothing will satisfy you until you stand up and swish away that dream, becuase you know it's only dust. You know it, and I know you know it, because you asked a question.
and it was the realest thing I've seen in you.

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