Thursday, December 13, 2007

my house shall be called...

A group of people in Flagstaff have had a vision. One of prayer. It is a vision that is sweeping the country. They have a had a vision for a house of prayer.

Last night I came to their second meeting, and I feel like I have had a great priviledge and I'm more excited than I have been in a long time. I keep wondering, Is this why I'm still here? Is this why I've had this feeling that there is something that needs to happen, to be happening, and hasn't yet?

I sat in a circle of 12 and talked and prayed for hours. It was life-giving. I'm so excited guys. Here is the layout of wht we talked about.

1) Caution against individual leaders emerging by mere superficial talent rather than anointing. The greatest among you will be a servant to all - Matthew 17. Asking us all to be servants, level the playing field. Jesus used a child as comparison to the Kingdom of God.
2) House of Prayer is not an exclusive Flagstaff club. It does not have to be the same as the one in Kansas City, but does not have to be different. Let the Lord lead, guide and direct.
3) We are but a mist, a vapor - what is our life, then why do we boast as if our accomplishments are established by our hands verses God's Will. A fear that our plans will be too structured and organized leaving or inhibiting the direction by the God's Spirit. Do not make structure and positions first and then try to fill them with people, BUT trust God to bring people (with heart, spirit, and burden) that would call for a need to create specific structure and positions in due time.
4) Learn how to offer time as a sacrifice of praise: difference between a feeling of obligation and just being faithfully committed to the mundane and small things.
5) A structure and building will not birth a prayer movement = the difference between the old and new testament. Old: structure = brought spirit of God, New Test: we are the temple of God. Focus should not be on the look of the place but on the people inhabiting it (focus: place vs. people).Our spirit can not be limited to a structure.We don't need a place to pray.God prompted question: when are you going to be a house of prayer? God is still working on the heart of His church to humble themselves and seek His face.
6) Do not despise small beginnings
7) His yoke is easy: His call does not come as obligation but freedom.
8) A place of genuine fellowship, community, and freedom
9) Wait in Faith.
10) Those who wait will not be ashamed Ps. 25:3; 27:14; analogy of a Pregnant women: it takes nine months to conceive and develop, so you have to wait patiently to the end to know what your baby will finally look like. In the same way, we do not know fully what a Flagstaff House of Prayer will look like now, but we must wait for God to reveal to us the look and function piece by piece.
11) Can not have a ministry that needs more help then the people the ministry is trying to help. We are the temple, we do need to make one. People not living in the spirit need structure. Giving our time to God, not fitting God into our time. Natural vs. Forcing the will of God
12) We are students of Truth. Humble to reveal and learn
13) Private Room = secret place that empowers us to move into the public. Position self in a place to receive, not led by emotions but commitment. We are meant and created to pray and be intimate with Him our bridegroom.
14) A burden from God should not produce weariness. What is the burden of the Lord: that people will humble themselves and seek His face.
15) The beauty of each meeting is the unknown: not knowing what word the spirit of God has given each person individually and corporately. This builds trust and relationships.
16) Doctrine and denominational issues of those who are part of the House of Prayer. The question was: How are we going to answer the questions of people who come in while the staff comes from so many different doctrinal backgrounds. Apostle Paul said I have not determined to know nothing, but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 2 Timothy 2:24-26 and Ephesians 4: we are prisoners of the Lord, we should admonish one another with a bond of peace, lowliness, gentleness and love. We must agree on some key doctrinal issues in order to make a statement of faith (like Jesus died and rose again), but we should not get caught up in straightening each others doctrine out because we all know in part. 1 Cor 13. UNITY.
17) Blow the trumpet, sound the alarm. Joel 2
18) Set sights High
 19) We should not be so concern with every detail of how to minister and lead the lost, but be more trusting of God's spirit in us to specifically reveal truth as the relationship develops.

Scriptures Referenced:
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looks like the work of a leader. i wish you were living in winnipeg!