Tuesday, January 15, 2008

bucket lists

Today I tried not to think, for the heck of it. Ok, not for the heck of it. Cause I didn't want to. So now I'm kinda hoping the answer to all my life's questions will fall out of the sky in front of me. Maybe answers. I suspect there to be more than one. It's like the little kid that answers "Jesus" to every question he's asked in sunday school.

I watched the Bucket List tonight. It was good, kind that makes my heart a little sore... It made me think, once when I was little we were visiting my grandparents in oklahoma. My grandpa was in the hospital, bad spell of emphysema or something. My grandma was talking about the patient who shared a room with grandpa. Apparently he was something else... quite a grouch or something. I don't know why, but I got it into my head that he must incredibly lonely, why else would he be grumpy? So I felt so sorry for him and drew him a picture. I must've had someone else give it to him, I was pretty shy, but I remember pretty distinctly hearing him talking about it when we went to visit. He acted as though he didn't know who'd done it, maybe he knew, but I was little and if he was acting I couldn't tell. It made me so happy that he'd liked it.

I'd forgotten about that for a while... I've had it on the mind to work/volunteer at a nursing home for a couple of years, I wonder if I should. I think loneliness is more heartbreaking than almost anything to me.

well it's a thought. g'night. blessings.

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