Thursday, January 24, 2008

not much of anything

I can't remember what my last blog was... maybe I shoulda looked eh? I think I have not sounded... happy lately, but I want to clarify. I'm quite happy, just rather indecisive. Or incredibly indecisive. Anyways...

Let's see... I am still reading the Idiot and have decided to make a studied comparison between Dostoevsky's ideals and Ayn Rand's ideals. And it will be quite interesting.

I've gotten a little tired of following the caucuses too closely for the time being. Too frustrating. By the way, does anyone know the reason Obama wouldn't say the pledge? That's a little odd..

I think January has not usually been as busy as this one has, which is good, it makes it go by faster. Now if only February and March are as fast and then the next 5 months are really slow. I'm ready for the summer now. I'm done with winter.

And I'll finish up later. I'm hungry. peace.

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