Sunday, January 13, 2008


Paradigms, eh? Don't have any :P. Ha. right.....

I have lots, actually. Do you think, God doesn't mean consistency? Because there are a lot of people reading the same book and they all seem to get a different view. Or, are they looking at different parts and ignoring others? Because I know so many very different people who love God and have really different beliefs about how to live. Not about God himself, He must be constant, although there is so much of him that we can only see some things. Maybe that's the answer. There is so much of life, so many different people that there aren't really different answers but there are a lot of variations? Or... answers... but one answer doesn't cancel out the other.

Like one person may need one thing as solution to whatever life problem they have while the next person has the same problem BUT a different life, so they need something completely different as solution.

But does that mean the ends justify the means? Maybe in order to answer that we'd have to define right and wrong, without paradigms. Without culture. I believe in absolutes, but how do we get them? Are they reliant upon our cultures? No, I don't think so. At least, not at the root. For instance, modesty. In different countries it takes on different forms, but it means the same thing. That was an easy one. So back to the original question, The root of the means should be right, as should the end? But it may take on different forms though it means the same thing? Does that make sense?

This may seem a little obvious, but it's hard to apply to real life sometimes... Which I won't get into. My problems are my own.

A friend put it in a way that makes it easier to understand. Take a pencil. Look at it one way and it's a rectangle. Look at it about way, and it's circle. Is it a circle or a rectangle? It's both. Life to us is one dimensional. To God it's two, but we can't see that way. Thus faith.

So my paradigm, my frame, tells me things. Or, I perceive life only through that frame. I'm the only person with that frame though. You have a different one. thus life.


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