Thursday, December 27, 2007

broken record?

This is honest me again.

I'm confused.
I don't really want to be here right now. But I don't particulary want to be anywhere else.

You know what I want right now? A big brother.
I want to forget enerything and take out a loan and go to school like a normal kid.
That's it. I want to be normal.

SOMEtimes, I wonder if I'm imagining all these.. whatever.. convictions.
But I can't answer that right now. it's lateandi'mtiredandconfusedme.

I want to be normal and successful and follow God . And be normal .

not really.

I want to take off on exciting and daring excursions and pray constantly and glow and be wise and help people.

it's hard to glow at a desk.

And I want to stop complaining. now.

And would you please pass the world peace?

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