Friday, February 22, 2008

take me out to the ballgame...

Today I became a Cubs fan. It all happened so quickly... it seemed like the thing to do at the time. It's all about Ryne "Rhino" Sandberg. Yo. Apparently they haven't won a series game since 1908. Which happens to be 100 years ago. That's quite a while. But they've gotten a few pennants. (Oh yea, I know what that is. What now.) So I guess I might have to watch a few games this year....

I decided to study up on this Obama character a little more today since it appears he's on his way to candidacy, and if he gets that he's got a pretty good shot at the presidency. What I would really like to know, is How the heck is he planning on paying for all the, don't get me wrong, wonderful, things he's "planning" on doing for the country. I don't like his foreign policies or his immigration policy. I like his healthcare plan and education ideas. But, will he be able to work with congress or will he be another Jimmy Carter who ends fighting with congress more than anything else, thus getting nothing done. Will a Congress full of old rich white men listen to Obama? I'd like to know... And he's somewhat vague... not a good characteristic in my 'umble opinion.

Last night I went to hear Byron Hurt speak at NAU. He recently made a documentary called Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rythms about the hip hop culture and the way it affects and reflects gender. The violence, misogyny, and hyper-masculinity in hip hop he traced back to more than one thing. He interviewed an artist, whose name I've forgotten, maybe JadaKiss? I'm sure I'm massacring it. Anyhow, he asks this artist about the blatant violence depicted in the lyrics and the man turns to Byron and asks, "Do you watch movies?" in reference to all of the violence we're constantly seeing in films, going all the way back to John Wayne the picture of ultra-masculinity.

I found it all very interesting, especially as usually the focus of gender will be on feminism, not hyper-masculinity and its negative effects on our culture.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a play written by a friend as his thesis. It's also a study of gender and our paradigms concerning all that. Should be good.

So we may be moving soon. As much as I love living by a park and having massive windows, I hate living in an HOA. This coming from the property management receptionist. But, who would know better? Seriously, and I apologize if you live in an HOA and like it, but I think associations were created to make people pay money to complain. This guy calls in yesterday to complain about the snow plowers. Apparently the guy was shoveling snow ONTO THE SNOW IN HIS YARD. Well, I'm so sorry sir, I'll make sure that next time he uses the magic snow remover that makes snow disappear into thin air.

If the place works out we'll be in an area called Sunnyside, the "ghetto" of town. I'm pretty stoked. It'll be nice to have real neighbors who don't complain about what color the curtains are.

Well, I'm opening in the morning. Peace.

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