Saturday, June 14, 2008

huckabee is back.

I thought I was going crazy yesterday. I'm feeling questionable today as well. I worked 55 hours this week, and it turns out that I am not an overtime sort of person. Can not handle it. Too much. It took every bit of my courage not to quit last night. Just breathe....

So last night we went to the movie at the square, the Wizard of Oz. We tried to analyze it politically but I'm not sure if it really worked. We started out with a Depression theory then went to an Axis power/WWII theory. the wicked witch became Stalin and the flying monkeys kinda looked like Cossacks. But the Emerald City was a communist society... which doesn't make sense. the crowd was interesting as well. there were a bunch of high school kids by us working out their dramatic lives. They were giving soap operas a run for their money.

Speaking of... you will never guess who the newest news anchor is for FOX news. I may have to watch it just to see this. It's big. It's phenomenal really, my jaw dropped, my mind could not contain it... the late, great presidential candidate.... Mike Huckabee. Yes, yes, it's true. he's multi-talented. Governor, baptist minister, pres candidate, and now news anchor. Only Fox..... There are so many comments I would like to make at this moment... I don't know where to start really.

So I'll leave it to you.

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