Monday, June 09, 2008

trash cans

Someone called the sheriff on me today. New experience.... They didn't respond though, it was a bit absurd... Yay angry foster parents! *sigh*

There's a little girl who lives down the street from me, and when I drive by I see her and her friend perched on top of the trash and recycling cans by the street. They're usually chatting happily away while passers-by gaze up at them in a sort of wonder and (I think) envy. Imagine the ability to sit atop the trash and refuse of the world and happily share an afternoon with a friend.

The trash has nothing to do with them, it is simply there and happens to be a convenient spot to hang out. 10 does not regard the opinion of the world as relevant. Maybe 10 does not even acknowledge public opinion. 10 is still a kid, it's after 10 that miniature representations of adults begin to emerge.

*this is where I left to sneak into a friend's house and decorate his room with obnoxious christmas decorations*

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crickl's nest said...

Is it just me or is this blog written in some kind of code??? =P

After you drove that lady all over AZ, they called the sheriff on you??? I need to hear the whole story.