Thursday, June 05, 2008

There's a wideness in God's mercy....

I went up the peaks on the lift the other day for the first time. It was beautiful up there, looking out and feeling the wideness of the world.

I love climbing mountains, just to be alone in the quiet with a bird as a companion and breathe the pine-y fresh air... As much as I like to hike, I very much prefer to look up at a mountain than down from it. There's something about looking up at something as big and majestic as a snow covered peak against a clear blue sky, or on a cloudy day when it seems all the heavy mists get stuck on the tip... I especially love being in a valley and feeling surrounded by the huge walls of mountains.

I think humans need something they know is bigger than they are that will never fall or break. It's why we need hero's, why every culture has a god or gods.

Sometimes God is so vast and wide that it's hard to get a hold of him. For me, I think mountains are a tangible reminder that God is also tangible (and that's the best I can describe that one). Jesus is easier to get a hold of, a handhold for my mind. A being with an audible voice, a personality, a form.

We cannot put God in a box, it doesn't work. We always try to, maybe especially when we think we're not. that's why churches are so different. We all have these different boxes that we focus on. the problem is that we think the box we have is the only one that exists. I'm not being a relativist, I believe in absolutes, I just don't think that God works by our rules. We've even given meanings to the words we use to describe God thus putting his characteristics in a box. Words like Good, Love, Just, etc. Maybe we should redefine our definitions (ha how's that phrase?)

Well, I'm going to go clean my house. Peace.

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